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"Ya! I just saw something online. I saw Tzuyu ranked no. 1 in 100 Most Beautiful Faces of this year!" Jungyeon said, TWICE gathered to look at it.

"Let's watch the full video of the list." Chaeyoung said.

"Let's do that." Jungyeon nodded, she's watching it with Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Sana, and Momo. Jihyo and Dahyun are busy practicing while Tzuyu went home early.

"Ya! Mina's on 91, Yeji's 86."

"Yeji? ITZY?" Jihyo turned to them. Chaeyoung nodded.

"Oh! Dahyun, your sister's no. 78."

"Really?" Dahyun stopped dancing and drink water. "She was on the list for the past years too." Dahyun said.

"I was on the list too, last year." Jungyeon said.

"Nado." Nayeon said.

"You're the beautiful girls. I get it." Jihyo chuckled.

"Ya! Dahyun eonni is no. 73!" Chaeyoung got surprised.

"Stop joking." Dahyun laughed.

"I'm not, right Nayeon eonni?" Chaeyoung rewinded the video. "Come here and see." Dahyun approached them and watched it. "See!" TWICE members. clapped. Dahyun shook her head.

"No, no clapping. That's opinionated, all the creation of god are all beautiful." Dahyun said like she's having an emotional speech.

"Shut it, already." Jihyo stopped her.

"68, Yuna." Sana said.

"What?" Dahyun stopped.

"Shin Yuna." Nayeon said.

"There are a lot of us here on the list." Sana said. "Wah, I'm no. 48. Ohhh thank you." She said.

"Seulgi, Solar sunbaenim, Jennie, ohhh. Nancy, Nana sunbaenim, Lisa, Tzuyu!" Jungyeon cheered.

"Hall of fame." Nayeon clapped.

"The four members of TWICE." Momo clapped.

"If there's the most beautiful, then there's Most Handsome Face, right?" Jihyo asked.

"Stop it, let's just see who won." Jihyo search for it. "List of Koreans who entered the list, oh! Jungkook's no. 1."

"What?!" Dahyun got shocked. "S-sorry. I'm just shocked." Jungyeon also searched for it.

"Ooh, Someone's boyfriend is on the list too. Kang Daniel." She teased. Jihyo didn't mind her.

"BTS Vocal lines are here. Jackson oppa, Felix, Mark oppa." Dahyun shook her head and said goodbye to them, they can't stop talking about that 100 most so she decided to go home. And as expected, no one's home.

"Good evening, beautiful."


"Hey, hey?"

"I heard you're the most handsome face of 2019, HAHA."

"You think so?"

"Pfft, no. The annual list of most handsome face of 2019, from 100 men you're no. 1."

"Oh, ahhh. Jin hyung just mentioned it right now, they're watching the list."

"Tell him to stop, he's gonna boast when he saw his face from it again! LOL."

"Hah, right. How about for the ladies? You entered?"

"Nah, let's not talk about it. How's your day? When are you going to leave Korea?"

"On December 30. Do you have time to meet me before 30?"

"Yeah... I'll just call you."


"Handsome." Dahyun met him at a coffee shop, she's wearing a mask and cap. She called Jungkook after that night when they finished early. "What are you doing? Why are you dressed fine? People will see you with someone, I must go." Dahyun stepped back. Jungkook's look like he just came from a fashion show, or like 'Gong Yoo' wearing a coat not covering his face.

"No, let's stay here. They won't mind."

"What?" Jungkook let her sit.

"I also saw you on the list." Jungkook smiled. "You said you didn't enter?"

"Does that matter? What to order at this shop?" Dahyun looked around and the staff gave her a menu. "How long have you been waiting?" She asked while looking at the menu.

"Not that long." Dahyun stood up and ordered at the counter, Jungkook is just looking at her until she got back. "You didn't ask me what I want?" Jungkook shook his head.

"I already ordered something for you." The drinks are served and Dahyun sipped through it. Dahyun looked outside the window. "Ya, I saw dispatch's camera outside." She whispered, Jungkook peeked where she's looking. "Ya! They'll gonna take pictures of you." Dahyun pushed him back.

"So what? So what? Meomchwoseo gomin hajima, da sseulde eopseo, let go~" Jungkook sang BTS song.

"Stop it!" Dahyun chuckled. I feel like their taking pictures of us, should we go? I'm not feeling alright right now."

"You okay? Okay, let's do that." Jungkook stood up and held her hand, Dahyun followed him and waited for their orders and let them packed it for take out. "What is this?" Jungkook asked when they got out.

"Pizza." Dahyun answered.

"Oh, my favorite. There's pizza in this shop?"

"Pizza's also a bread? Come on. Where are we going? I can't go to the dorm or home, they'll find out." Jungkook looked at her.

"You didn't want them to know I'm dating TWICE Dahyun?" Dahyun covered his lips.

"Keep quiet." Jungkook laughed, Dahyun get into his car.


"Looks like Dispatch has their car. Should we call a police? This is invasion of privacy." Dahyun brought her phone out, she noticed that there's a car behind them.

"No, no. Don't, they'll just find out that I am really dating you. The police got your number, right?" Jungkook asked while driving.

"Ah, right. But I can tell them-- No, also a bad idea." She shook her head.

"Tell them what?"

"Nothing, like hanging out as friends."

"It doesn't feel like that? Dispatch will use those pictures they have taken as evidences that we're not just friends."

"Yep." Dahyun sighed and looked outside.

"Hey! This is your apartment, ya!"

"Are they still following us?" Jungkook got out and let Dahyun get out of his car.

"Are you crazy??? Why here?" Jungkook opened the door for her and looked around.

"Go, I don't see anything." Jungkook locked the door when Dahyun entered.

He finally saw dispatch's car and pretended he's not with someone anymore. He made sure that the car is secured before entering the apartment.

"Why did you brought me here?"

"What do you want me to do? You didn't want to be revealed as the first couple of dispatch on 2020. I can't take you to you dorm or to Jin hyung's house." Jungkook sat on the couch and leaned on back. "Stay here for the night."

"What else can I do? I'm already here."

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