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"AHAHAHAHA- you- you- hahaha." seokmin laughed out loud, holding onto his stomach as he doubled over from laughing too hard. mingyu smacked him hard in the head, causing seokmin to yelp from the hard hit, tears of laughter still forming in his eyes. "shut up! it's not funny!"

minghao snickered, sitting on top of his matte black motorcycle, pushing his tinted glasses further up his nose. "come on, gyu- it is pretty funny."

mingyu angrily pouted, his eyebrows furrowed. "funny for you to say. you won't have to deal with the fucking council president following you everywhere you go." just repeating the phrase made seokmin burst out into laughter again, knowing that karma was going to his mingyu right in the face for all the bad things he's done. "stop laughing!"

"i'm sorry- but it's just- too funny!" mingyu ignored seokmin's laughter that he thought sounded like a horse, and turned to minghao who was silently giggling. "what're you giggling about?"

"what's there not to giggle about?" mingyu scoffed, turning hs attention to the alleyway's wall which he was leaning on, pulling out a spray can from his bag so he could start vandalising another building. "stop being so serious about this, gyu. all he's gonna be doing is spending time around you 24/7."

"you say that like it's a good thing. i don't want his goody two-shoes ass being near me."

"think of it as... an opportunity, to open up to more people, make friends. other than me and seokmin." minghao hummed, seokmin agreeing with him after calming down from laughing. "yeah! if you keep sticking around us, we're never gonna get a date." seokmin exclaimed.

"who would want to date someone with a face like yours?"

"hey! rude!"

"guys!" minghao yelled over the two boys' bickering. he then turned to mingyu and said, "mingyu. all i'm saying is to at least try and get along with people who you're not friends with, i understand you might... dislike wonwoo-"

"i don't dislike him. i hate him."

"whatever- even if you do hate him, just try and get along with him. the poor guy is just doing what the principal told him to do. don't make it hard for him." minghao hummed, sounding like he was asking question on whether or not mingyu agreed with him.

"i mean, he could've said no." mingyu mumbled, but minghao tilted his head, "mingyu."

"okay fine. i'll- try to get along with him. but i'm not making any promises."

"i wouldn't expect anything less." minghao chuckled as a smile appeared on mingyu's face.

the trio continued to talk in the dimly lit alleyway, joking around and teasing mingyu again.

but what the principal said earlier still made mingyu wonder. why did wonwoo accept the deal? was he bribed into doing it? was he promised a college application? was he doing it to keep up his high reputation? mingyu didn't know.

"why am i here?" mingyu asked, slumping down into the cushioned seat in front of the principal.
"i could be off painting another wall, ya know?"

she rolled her eyes and said, "you know wonwoo, right?" mingyu nodded in response. "for the next five weeks, starting next monday, wonwoo will be spending time with you outside of class and sometimes during class."

"what the fuck? why?"

"first of all, language. second, he's going to be helping you with school."

"but-" mingyu tried to interrupt and testify against mrs ayane's choice, but she just shushed him and continued saying, "look, i know you don't like going to school for... personal reasons. but just give wonwoo a chance to show you that there is some good in this school."

mingyu absolutely hated the idea, he didn't understand why mrs ayane had such hope that wonwoo would be able to help him in school. it was pretty obvious he didn't give a shit about school and only bothered going to the place to see minghao and seokmin.

so why was the principal doing this?

why did she have hope?

why did wonwoo agree to this?

he wanted some answers and he was gonna get them.

sorry for a short chapter, i have a few exams soon so i'll be focusing on them a little bit more but i'll be updating regularly hopefully.

thank you for reading and supporting this book so far ! <3

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