Chapter 16~Love Triangle pt.2

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WooJin didn't come to school today, because he wasn't feeling too well so he excused himself, but good thing Jisung has 3 friends (WooJin, Chan, JeongIn) that way if the other one doesn't go to school, he will just hangout with the others, he mostly hangouts with WooJin so let's see.

Chan mostly hangouts with Minho, so Jisung decided to go to his son, which he means by son he means JeongIn.

Jisung went to find JeongIn in class, since that's where he usually hangout. He easily found JeongIn watching Got7 on his phone, Jisung went to his desk.

"Hey Innie" Jisung said and JeongIn stand up and bowed to him "Hello Mama Jisung!" JeongIn said and Jisung patted his head "Let's hangout, WooJin-hyung is sick so Mama Jisung is lonely, wanna hangout with him?" Jisung asked and JeongIn nodded "Okay Mama..."

They went out of the school room, and started talking about stuff, some common interests and other stuff.

"Mama" JeongIn said which made Jisung turn to him "Why does everytime Seungmin-hyung sees me, he acts all strange?" JeongIn asked which made Jisung giggle "You'll know one day" Jisung said, he didn't wanted to say anything to JeongIn yet, so he just smiled.

"But HyunJin-hyung is also like that" JeongIn said which shocked Jisung "What?" Jisung asked "They act all strange when they see me..." JeongIn said "Well, again maybe you'll know one day" Jisung said and put his arm on JeongIn's shoulder.

"Oh my gosh..."

Jisung said to himself in his mind as he thought about this Love Triangle.

"Could JeongIn's first relationship be a Love Triangle, but what if he gets hurt? I can't let him get hurt by two fanboys"

Jisung said to himself in his mind, Jisung is a over protected friend since of course JeongIn is the youngest one in class and he deserves to be protected, no matter what cause.

Class was started and Jisung was focus on JeongIn, he saw as HyunJin and Seungmin stared at him.

Good thing his sitmate wasn't either of them, in fact it was Changbin.

Jisung wasn't focus on class, he couldn't focus due to the love triangle thing, Jisung didn't notice it was lunch time until JeongIn went to his desk.

"Mama, let's go" JeongIn said and Jisung nodded and stand up, JeongIn pulled his arm and they went to the cafeteria to eat.

Jisung didn't sat with Chan today, he mostly only sits with Chan when WooJin is around that way no Minho.

They sat in a separated table, that way there wasn't death glares between me and Minho.

When we sat down and started eating our lunches, JeongIn kept telling stories about him watching Day6 and Seungmin went up to him and sang 'You Were Beautiful' to him which made him blush and while he was watching Got7 HyunJin sang 'Just Right' and he also blushed.

Jisung kept laughing because of how red JeongIn was getting while telling the story, he then saw Seungmin going up to JeongIn holding some bouquet of flowers "For you" Seungmin said which made JeongIn blush "W-why?" JeongIn asked and Seungmin giggled "Nothing, it's just for you" Seungmin said and sang 'You Were Beautiful' on front of us.

Just the way that you would look at me
Was so much I'd never want to leave
I~ I~ will try to forget that you were

Seungmin sang and they both clapped at him.

HyunJin on the other hand stared at JeongIn while smiling and complimenting at how good Seungmin was at singing.

HyunJin was sitting beside the two Japanese lovers, Kusuo and Haruto, Kusuo noticed at how angry HyunJin was while staring at JeongIn.

"Hello? Earth to HyunJin?" Kusuo said waving at HyunJin's face "You've been staring at them for a past hour, why so mad?" Kusuo asked "Because that Seungmin kid is trying to steal my boy" HyunJin and after stared at them again.

"How could you call JeongIn your boy if you guys aren't even together yet?" Haruto asked "Because, he will be my boy soon" HyunJin said.

"Forget about it dude, he might not have feelings for Seungmin" Kusuo said and patted HyunJin's shoulder "Now finish your food, you'll get hungry in dance class" Kusuo said and they started eating.

After lunch, they went to there class club which are dance, vocal, rap, and acting class.

"Bye Kusuo" Haruto said and blew a flying kiss to him "Bye Haruto, see you later" Kusuo said and waved at her.

They entered in Chaos, actual Chaos.

"Hey guys, what's happening?" HyunJin asked Felix and Minho who were watching Chaos.

"HeraHera decided to make a choreography for a song that doesn't have a choreography, which is Shoot Me" Minho said pointing at Menhera who was dancing chaoticly.

"Hey! You should just dance Sweet Chaos if you're chaotic like that" Felix yelled which made Menhera stop.

"At least it's good" Menhera said and went to sit down beside her dance buddy, HyunJoon.

"Okay bros, should we start?" HyunJin asked and everyone agreed, even the girls.

"Alright let's go!" HyunJin said and they started practicing choreography Fear by SEVENTEEN.

After classes, class was dismissed.

Jisung kept comforting JeongIn because earlier today in Vocal class, when Jisung wasn't around, JeongIn and Seungmin did a Vocal duet.

JeongIn kept crying in embarrassment because his voice cracked in the course and started crying in front of Seungmin.

"Hey JeongIn" someone called his name, Seungmin went to the two and hold JeongIn's hands "You did great earlier Innie" Seungmin said and kissed his hands.

"See you tomorrow, bye" Seungmin said and JeongIn smiled "Ayieee, looks like someone is smiling" Jisung said and JeongIn pushed his lightly "Stop..." he said and Jisung started teasing him.

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