wicked brother

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Narmada's POV:

I still can't believe everything happened over the past three days. Drastic changes in my life. I got no hold of my own life.
First ,Shiva ran away, then Udhay married me. Rekha is his sister.
I am a big fool for trusting Rekha. Udhay showing his true colours. How can he change from calm to rude and mean person within a day.
With those thoughts, I availed a cab and was on my way to office.
The car was listening to some fm. The RJ was discussing about how to make marriage work. It piqued my interest.

Someone called and  said, “There is no ‘right’ kind of marriage. The couple involved need to make it right.” What makes a marriage work is something of a mystery because every marriage is unique. Still, there are ingredients—love, trust, compatibility, adjustment, etc.—that can make it stronger. Some people fall in love and then get married, others who have had an arranged marriage tie the knot after meeting each other just a couple of times and most do it without even being in love or knowing much about each other.
" Does it mean people in an arranged marriage are less likely to be in love or find love compared to their counterparts who took the vows after becoming the victim of cupid?"
According to many couples who had an arranged marriage, they do fall in love and some have some defining moments while for others love just happens.
"So, let’s hear what a few Indian married couples said about the moment they fell in love with their spouse. Thanks for calling. Here the most favourite song of mine for all of you from the movie "mounaragam".

thaamarai maelae neerththuli poal thalaivanum thalaviyum vaazhvadhennananbargal poalae vaazhvadharku maalaiyum maelamum thaevaiyennasondhangalae illaamal bandha paasam kollaamalpoovae un vaazhkaidhaan enna sol


maedaiyaip poalae vaazhkai alla naadagam aanadhum vilagich chellaodayaip poalae uravum alla paadhaigal maariyae payanam sellavinnoadu dhaan ulaavum velli vanna nilaavumennoadu nee vandhaal enna vaa

(* Song meaning*)
Like droplets on a lotus petal, the lord and his wife live together;
Why the need for garlands and drum beats, when you wish to live as friends?
Bereft of a meaningful relationship, with no closeness or emotional ties, tell me,
Oh flower, what is your life like?

Life is not a stage, to depart after the drama ends;
Neither is our relationship a river, to change courses ever so often and continue on its journey;
Even the silver moon travels with the sky, why won't you come with me?

Everyone in office looked at me stunned for a while . After that they're back to doing whatever they're doing. The moment I reached the cabin , Bri came out of nowhere and hugged me tightly.
She's the only loyal friend I have. In fact she's all I have at the moment.
" Though your marriage didn't happen like you wanted, I didn't thought that you will be here to work the next day itself." She said slowly as if scared of me lashing out.
" Bri, let's talk about something else." I said calmly and sat in my cabin.
After an hour or so, I saw Rekha walking inside the MD room . This is bad. I thought to myself. What game she is upto now?
I couldn't work at ease knowing Rekha is here. Did she come here to fire me from my job?

Rekha's POV:

The look on Narmada's face was priceless when she saw me entering her safe haven. What does she think? She can escape us by coming here. Then, You're mistaken. I went straight inside her MD office room. Her hatred  bothers me but still what needs to be done has to be done.
" So you are famous MD my sister in law (anni) is talking about. You looks like a good person . But ,How can you be so cruel? " I started my drama.
" What did I do , madam? Who is your anni?" He asked me.
" You're asking as if you don't know. The one who got married to my brother just yesterday . Narmada. She is my anni. Do you know  who my brother is? " I asked him now raising my voice a little. He got scared easily.
" Udhay Vasudev, owner of this building. How dare you call his wife to work that too the very next day of their wedding?" I asked him while giving him a angry stare.
" What? I really don't know any of this , madam. Narmada didn't tell me about it. I swear I didn't call her to work. "
" Ok. I believe you if you call her inside and lay her off for two months . If not , get ready to leave the office. I already bought half of the company from your boss " I said while swiping my mobile.
" No need for that, madam. I will do as you say. " He agreed instantly.
" That's good . I will send her in." I patted his cheeks and came out.
I stood infront of her for a while. She didn't even acknowledge my presence. I called her " anni ," mildly but no response.
" Anni" I called Narmada loudly as everyone looked at her. Her face flushed with anger.
" What do you want, Rekha? " She asked me angrily.
" I don't. Your MD want to have a word with you." I smirked at her. I got to play bad and evil here.
I waited for a while so that I can leave with Narmada. She came out angrily and quickly grabbed her things.
Brinda looks confused bit didn't get near her. Angry Narmada is like a tornado. She throw a very intense hatred glare and went out. I followed her .
" Why are you following me? " She asked me irritatedly.
" I am giving you company ,anni. Also our house is on the other side of the road. You're going wrong way. " I replied.
" It's not my house. I am going to.." she paused for a while ." Why should I tell you where I am going" with that she took off. I started to run but she's  faster than me. Before I reach near her, she took a auto and went off.
Knowing her, I could easily say she's going to see Pavithra aunty.
I took my car and drove to her house.

Udhay's POV:

I knew that Narmada has trust issues. Hell, she had been pushing many away for so long that it was almost part of her routine. She had a hard time letting people close and didn't trust anyone easily, this I knew well. Now that Rekha betrayed her, her trust issues are not going to fade anytime soon. I am ready to wait for her till death .
Divorce . It's not a solution. She's not going to get away from me after what all happened. I will make her realise not all rich men are bad and my love is true. Rekha's intention is for our own good.
Narmada feels she's cheated and agitated at the moment. She wouldn't be this angry ,had her mom believed her. She will definitely confront her mom sooner or later.
I wish their issues sort out peacefully. Only then she will be fine. I want her to be happy, to keep her happy . How come she didn't see my love for her? I need to know the reason why Narmada hates rich people. Rekha told me while in college, Narmada was born in riches and her father is one of the well known business man. Then why she and her mother are living a normal life ? What happened in between those two months before college graduation?
I need to get answers from my mother in law soon .

Third person's POV:

Sundaravalli after doing the last rites of her brother comes to Chennai as the doctors advised her to take her elder brother to Chennai where there are latest equipment and treatment available.  He is the only one she has left with now other than her husband Rathnavel Rajan. So , she shifted to Chennai for a while.
She admitted her elder brother in Global health hospital and leaves the hospital . Once she left her elder brother stood up and sat in his hospital bed shocking everyone including his wife and his goons.
" How come you're fine ? " His wife managed to ask.
" I was the one who caused that accident . I planned it perfectly to get rid of Shiva. What will I get if Shiva marries Narmada? Valli will give everything to him and I don't want to become penniless and live my life depend on others. Also I did it for our kids. They're studying in abroad and when they return they will be the heirs of Sundaravalli not Shiva nor her daughter. " He said evilly without mincing his words.
" Her daughter? You killed her too." One of his old goons asked stunned by these revelations.
" Not exactly. I asked the doctor to do it by giving her money during Valli's labour. She got pregnant with some poor boy at the age of 16 . How can I tolerate it? She thinks he left her after knowing she was pregnant but no. I killed him and made he believe that he left her. She however decided to keep the baby. How can I let her? I argued but she was adamant and threatened to leave. So, I agreed to her . She's an excellent Bharatanatyam dancer. After her baby demise, she devoted herself to dance earning prizes and accolades. It was around that time, she met Rathnavel Rajan and fall in love with him. He too was flattered by her beauty. He started to shower her with jewels ,properties and heavy bank balance. But sundaravalli didn't care about it, all she wanted was love and everything was going fine ." He paused taking a sip of water from the glass nearby.
" One day Shiva saw Narmada in Rathnavel Rajan's office and wanted to marry her. He conveyed the same to Valli. Despite my warning to not ask, Valli asked him to marry his only daughter to shiva. He insulted her and severe ties with her. I went to him and threatened him about exposing his affair to the tabloids. He got scared and asked his lawyer to prepare a will where he leaves everything to Narmada. Narmada still haven't inherited it due to her hatred towards him . How foolish of her." He paused for a while.
" Probably why I let her alive still now." He finished and lay down on the bed sensing someone arriving at the door.
Rathnavel Rajan is hoping to see his wife and daughter atleast once to tell them how sorry he was and ask for forgiveness. He was looking at the window thinking about how happy he once was.

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