ch2 in a city of fools

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Her alarm clock went off at 4:30 am. She had only slept four hours, and even though she was not a morning person just the idea of seeing her baby put her in a good mood. She quickly dressed with her breeches, long-sleeved polo shirt, and boots. She then packed a change of clothes for school, and made sure she had everything.

Josephine picked up Moonshadow from the midst of her covers, put her in her cage and just before leaving the apartment she placed some baby carrots on her small plate.

She left a note on the elevators door for her parents saying

“left early, Have a nice day” –Odette

She knew her mother would be mad because she did not get enough beauty sleep but Josephine really wanted to go see her baby.

She left the building rounded the corner and went into the small local market and picked up some apples and carrots.

As she hailed a cab she was glad she decided to wear her spring coat because there was some strong wind today.

Getting out of the cab and paying she already felt the ease of being here fill her. The smell of them did some extreme stress relief to her. She waved hello to the early morning workers but did not stop to chat she had to see him first. As she rounded the corner she could already hear his neighs and cries for her. She fastened her pace to reach his stall faster, she dropped everything on the floor as she reached for his head and kissed his soft nose.

“hi there boy” said Josephine as her beloved horse buried his nose into her hair like he always did when he had missed her smell or she had washed her hair recently.

She pulled out an apple and Pax, her horse, immediately went into a trance following whatever she did with the apple.

Josephine then sat inside his stall and watched Pax eat his apple and then lay with her. This was something she did a lot so Pax learnt to just lay next to her.

She then got up, went to her locker put everything away and started tacking up Pax.

She then went into the indoor arena and rode him for an hour and a half.

Pax wasn’t being a very good boy this morning so constantly you could hear Josephine talking to Pax telling him to stop being so stubborn or similar things.

After riding she groomed him and let him out into the pasture to run around. She then went took a quick shower dressed for school and before leaving she called Pax in and took him back inside to his stall.

She was running a bit tight on time so she decided to get another taxi. As she got out she felt eyes on her and looked around the school grounds. She wondered if she had horse manure stuck somewhere or if she had hay stuck in her hair. She started walking to her group of friends sitting by the stairs when suddenly a hand with a coffee was in front of her. She quizzically looked from the hand to the coffee to then the arm and then the face of the owner. Eloise. A smile appeared on her face and Eloise shook she coffee in her face indicating it was for Josephine.

“how did you know?” asks Josephine taking the coffee from Eloise and  taking a quick sip.

“well it’s a best friends job to know that when you say ‘its going to be a long day’ it means you are going to wake up extra early to go ride and then come to school to then continue onto some instrument class whichever it is that day and then onto something else that your father or mother has planned for you that day.” says Eloise as they walk over to the stairs.

“well then let me tell you that you are doing you job quite well” Says Josephine with a smile.

They greet the group of friends mostly all from the high society club.

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