🖤Truth or Dare?🖤

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Aries ♈:
Dare: To kill 5 demons in under 15 minutes.
Truth: What do like most about someone?

Dare: To get head-butted by Tanjiro.
Truth: What do you think about Mitsuri? (Asked by a certain jealous snek boi)

Gemini ♊:
Dare: Hug Muichiro.
Truth: Why are you so persistent on being friends with Muichiro?

Cancer ♋:
Dare: Blast 'Crab Rave' into Uzui's ear while he's asleep.
Truth: Who is your favorite piller?

Leo ♌:
Dare: Set someone's house on fire.
Truth: Why did you choose to become Rengoku's tsugoku?

Virgo ♍:
Dare: Pat everyone's head.
Truth: Why did you choose to help Tamayo?

Libra ♎:
Dare: Let Zenitsu hug you.
Truth: What do you think of Tanjiro?

Scorpio ♏:
Dare: Try to hug Sanemi.
Truth: What do you think of Sanemi?

Sagittarius ♐:
Dare: ''OI, (mispronounced name) I DARE YOU TO FIGHT MEE!'' Inosuke dared you to fight him
Truth: How did you become a demon slayer?

Capricorn ♑:
Dare: Give Genya all the love and affection he needs.
Truth: What do you think of Genya?

Aquarius ♒:
Dare: Jump in a pond.
Truth: What do you think of Giyuu?

Pisces ♓:
Dare: Braid Nezuko's hair.
Truth: Why are you scared of Shinobu?
🌸Now, actually doing your dares and telling your truths! Brought to you by a very lonely Giyuu!🌸

Aries :
Dare: Done. Very simple.
Truth: ''I like it when someone's loyal to me'' :)

Dare: *Tanjiro headbutts you gently*
Truth: ''Mitsuri? She's adorable! And a great friend!''

Gemini ♊:
Dare: You attempted to hug Muichiro but not even a second after you touched him, you were pushed away.
Truth: ''Well, I like a good challenge! Maybe he's just misunderstood...he's probably a very nice person on the inside!''

Cancer ♋:
Dare: *You were filled with determination* and blasted earrape 'Crab Rave'.
Truth: ''*insert favorite piller here*''

Leo ♌:
Dare: You ran over to Muzan's house and set it on fire.
Truth: ''Cuz I wanna be as strong as Rengoku-sama one day!''

Virgo ♍:
Dare: Done. Also simple.
Truth: ''I just wanted to be useful...''

Libra ♎:
Dare: You were very uncomfortable.
Truth: ''He's a great friend! Honestly the best!''

Scorpio ♏:
Dare: You went behind him and tackled him. *Successfully hugged him!*
Truth: ''Ehh?! He's a arrogant asshat. But...even with that he's just a big softie inside...''

Sagittarius ♐:
Dare: You went easy on him and just let him get it over with. He won and laughed at you even though you didn't care.
Truth: ''Simple, I passed final selection.''

Capricorn ♑:
Dare: You gave him all the head pats and hugs he deserved.
Truth: ''He is baby. No questions asked.''

Aquarius ♒:
Dare: You hesitantly jumped into the pond and then splashed water on everyone.
Truth: ''Him? I like to annoy him, nothing much.''

Pisces ♓:
Dare: You braided her hair and she gave you head pats as a reward.
Truth: ''Shinobu-san's smile is very unnerving...you can't tell is she's mad or not most of the time...''

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