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“Nate, we’re friends.” I raise my brows at him, giving him the ‘back off’ look. He looks at me for a few more seconds, both of us doing the thing we normally do and having a silent conversation just through our facial expressions.

Garry must have thought we were on speed.

After Nate was convinced I was fine, he forces a smile and looks between us “What can I get you?”

“Can I have a beer and a double vodka red bull.” Garry orders the drinks.

“ID.” Nate instantly replies, trying to hide a smile.

I roll my eyes, Nate knows full well Garry is my age. Garry looks stunned for a minute and looks between me and my brother before he finally pulls his ID out of his wallet.

Nate takes it and stares at it hard “It’s a fake.”

“Of course it is, so is hers.” Garry says in disbelief, gesturing his head towards me. Nate stares back at him seriously.

“That’s my sister. Are you calling my sister a liar? You have the balls to hand me a fake ID then call my sister a liar?” Nate asks him, leaning over the bar in a threatening gesture. I knew him too well, so I knew he was doing it for a reaction.

Since Garry didn’t know him that well, he gave Nate exactly what he wanted.

“I’m not saying that- I just meant we come here all the time-“ Garry stutters slightly, and I let out a breath of annoyance.

“Nate stop being an asshole and get the drinks.” I order him, realising Garry was about to shit his pants if Nate carried on.

Nate burst out laughing, clearly having enjoyed that little show. He shakes his head as he starts to pour the drinks “Oh Gazza, you do make me chuckle.”

After Nate has given us the drinks and Garry’s paid, he grins at the both of us before saluting “See you soon Garry, you funny little fucker.” Nate walks to the back of the bar, still laughing.

Garry turns to me “Your brother is a character.”

I breathe a laugh “Tell me about it. He’s harmless really.”

He looks at me sceptically “I’ll take your word for it.” He smiles at me, the silence turning slightly awkward for a second as I could tell he didn’t really know what to say. Finally he lets out a sigh “I was hoping this wouldn’t be awkward.”

I give him a half-hearted smile “It’s bound to be at first.”

He nods in agreement “Yeah I figured, still a man can dream cant he?”

“I always thought the only dreams men have include them having to change their bed sheets in the morning?” I joke.

He grins at me “Majority of the time.” I grin back at him, both of us just looking at each other for a second before he speaks again “Why the hell didn’t it ever work out between us?”

I sigh, shrugging slightly “Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Shitty timing?” he suggests, and the corner of my mouth twists into a smile.

“Shitty timing.” I confirm. We make eye contact for a little while and I find an overwhelming urge to hug him. Sure, we broke up multiple times and he made me feel like shit every time we did, but I did love this boy at one point in my life.

He was a good guy, he just wasn’t the right guy.

“Am I interrupting something?” The voice of the devil suddenly breaks the silence, and before I know it Drake is stood next to me, grinning happily between me and Garry.

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