53• Loud Music, a McFlurry, and Hotshot

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53• Loud Music, a McFlurry, and Hotshot

WHEREVER Jesse was taking me, I was just hoping it would be somewhere that would get my mind out of the overthinking zone it was in

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WHEREVER Jesse was taking me, I was just hoping it would be somewhere that would get my mind out of the overthinking zone it was in. Because thoughts were running wild in my mind like if a fucking zoo had decided to free all of the animals.

I was meeting Jesse Campbell's parents tonight as his girlfriend. So I was meeting the Mayor of Newport Beach and the First Lady as their son's girlfriend. There were a few thoughts that kept circulating through my mind.

1. Mayor Campbell and the First Lady are Jesse's parents and they intimidate the hell out of me.

2. Jesse was taking me to meet his parents tonight as his legitimate girlfriend.

3. Meeting the parents was always such a big step in the movies. And big steps make Alex Hamilton very nervous. Big steps make Alex Hamilton overthink. Big steps make Alex Hamilton want to throw up her walls.

But I breathed in and out and held onto Jesse's hand as he drove. I tried my best to calm down and tell myself that it didn't have to be such a big step. I'd met his parents before and even Jesse didn't seem to think it was a monumental thing that was happening tonight. So it was okay. And I would be able to handle it.

We drove with the top down and Jesse turned straight into a McDonald's drive thru. I turned the music off as we pulled in. "McDonald's?" I questioned.

Jesse looked over at me and smirked. "Well, Little Hamilton, if you don't recall... I don't think we ever had the chance to get a McFlurry together."

My eyes widened and Jesse chuckled. "Holy shit... How could I have almost forgotten that you asked for a penis McFlurry before we even knew each other?"

"I did not ask for a penis McFlurry," Jesse defended. "It was a drunk mistake and I didn't even write it on your jeep. It was all idiot Zach."

"I don't think the context matters, Mr. Campbell. You still asked for a penis McFlurry and you will never live that down," I said, booping his nose as he pulled up to order.

Of course, he ordered 2 McFlurries. One M&M and one oreo.

We drove off after that, Jesse slipping his fancy Ray-bans over his eyes. I put on an extra pair of sunglasses he left in the glove compartment and we drove. We were taking the backroads of Newport Beach as opposed to the highway, heading to who knows where. I didn't particularly care where we were going. I focused on eating my amazing McFlurry and playing music way too loudly.

I discovered the 3 things needed to get my mind to stop overthinking and to be purely happy:

Loud music, a McFlurry, and Hotshot.

It was warm and even the breeze of having the top down as we drove couldn't take away from the warmness. It wasn't cold as I raised my hands in the air and sang along to "Valentine" by 5 Seconds Of Summer. I looked over at Jesse every so often and he looked at me, smiling and shaking his head in awe. I was nearly standing in the topless car as we drove down the nearly empty backroads.

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