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Artists perform on stage for their rehearsals, TWICE saw BTS singing different english christmas songs with a girl.

"Oh, that's cute." Sana said. They finished their rehearsals and TWICE came up next.

"Ya, Kim Dahyun." Jungyeon laughed.

"Take off your jacket, it's really big."

"It's cold." Momo helped her removed the jacket and they rehearsed.

"Okay, TWICE. Be careful of the stage, I think it's a little slippery." The staff said. TWICE bowed and came backstage.

"Eonni." They heard a girl said.

"Oh, hello little girl." Momo approached her.

"What's your name?" Dahyun asked.

"Sarang-imnida." The girl bowed.

"Oh, Love. Hi Love." Dahyun waved her hand to her.

"Eonni." The girl approached Dahyun and gave her an apple.

"For me? Thank you, Sarang."

"How about me?" Jihyo pouted and chuckled.

"The oppa wants me to give it to her." Sarang pointed at Dahyun and Sarang ran away.

"Me?" TWICE looked at Dahyun.

"Looks like Dahyunnie has an admirer." Jungyeon nudged her.

"What are you talking about???"


Dahyun is walking passed by the waiting rooms of other artists when someone opened the door and pulled her inside.

"Ya--" Her lips got covered, she turned around and saw Jungkook. "Wh-what, where's BTS? Where are we?"

"They're at our waiting room. Don't worry, no one will be coming in here."

"How sure are you?" Jungkook locked the door.

"Wait, wait. Why did you pull me here?" Dahyun asked.

"Did Sarang gave you the apple?"

"So, it came from you. Why are you giving me an apple?"

"You look snow white tonight, look what JYP made you dress. Are you not feeling cold? You're showing more skin." Jungkook said.

"I was on my way to change my clothes."


"SBS Gayo Daejeon will start in 5 minutes! Where's BTS???"

They heard outside. Dahyun looked at Jungkook from head to toe.

"Holy night." Dahyun said. "You must go, I'll stay here for few minutes."

"What? Okay, we'll be performing first." Jungkook smiled and opened the door.

"Wait." Dahyun noticed his collar isn't fixed, so she fixed it.

"Thank you." Jungkook left the room. Dahyun heard him sing the introduction, and the other members sings. She went out of the room when she heard Jin singing Feliz Navidad. She ran to their waiting room and saw TWICE watching TV with the performance, they're also having so much fun watching.

"I find it funny when they sang the song." Jungyeon laughed. Dahyun went to change her clothes, TWICE noticed her when she came out of the dressing room.

"Hey, where have you been?" Chaeyoung asked.

"Uh, dressing room."

"That long?" Momo asked.

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