Just Believe in Santa Claus

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I guess after everything that had happened I shouldn't have been all that surprised by the idea of meeting Santa, but tonight had been anything but predictable and helped me so much to reconnect with my inner child. Meeting Santa was the icing on the believing child cake. That and Noah was eager enough for the both of us.

"SANTA!!!" I laughed as the poor guy was almost knocked down by my brother's bear hug. He laughed just the way I thought he would and patted him on the head. "Hello again Noah, " he looked up and met my gaze with a smile, "and you must be Heidi, a pleasure to meet you at last." I went for a handshake but he surprised me with a hug. He smelled like cookies and pure happiness.

"So, are you two ready to head back home?" "Yeah!" Said my brother and I in unison, only he said with a gleeful shout, whereas I mumbled it under my breath, head tilting to Snow Miser but my eyes to the ground.


Time seemed to slow dramatically Noah got in the sleigh and I ran back into Snowy grasp for what would probably be the last time.

"We'll always have the North Pole, and Christmastime. And no matter what mother says, you'll always be my dream girl."

It wasn't the best idea since he was made of ice but I kissed him and he kissed me back. The kiss itself seemed to last forever, it wasn't until after we parted when I felt what I imagine is the type of burn you get from dry ice. But it didn't feel too severe so I guess I was okay.

"I love you, Heidi Crane." He whispered into my ear. My eyes popped open then filled with tears as I hugged him tightly. "I love you too, Snow Miser."

Finally, I pulled away and slung myself into the sleigh, Santa flicked the reins and as we started moving Snowy ran beside us. As corny as it sounds, our hands met for a long moment before the sleigh took to the air and our fingers were separated. I watched him and the workshop until we slipped above a snowy cloud and it all disappeared. I wouldn't have moved from that position if it wasn't for Santa calling me up to sit with him and Noah upfront.

"Why do you think you came on this adventure Heidi? What have you learned?" I thought about.

"That like magic love is everywhere as long as you believe in it." I frowned before looking out on the starry sky. "I haven't been doing much believing these past few years, I realize that now." "And plan to do better?" I looked back at the jolly fat man and matched his smile with my own.

"Definitely." He nodded. "That's good to hear." That's when he began to sing.

"I believe in Santa Claus
Like I believe in love
I believe in Santa Claus, and everything he does
There's no question in my mind that he does exist...just like love, you know he's there; waiting to be missed."

I sat and listened to the lyrics, gazing out upon the Christmas night sky while thinking back to all that had happened; meeting Snowy, learning how to skate, learning about my greatest admirer...through the good and the bad it had amounted to the best Christmas ever. I yawned as the song stroked my spirit and made my eyes droop. It seemed there was a whole chorus of gentle voices singing to me.

"Just believe in Santa Clause!
Like you believe in love!
Just believe in Santa Claus...And everything he does!
Wipe that question from your mind!
Yes he does exist!!
Just like love, you know he's there; waiting to be missed..."

My head nodded and tilted onto Santa's shoulder, eyelids fluttering and conscious barley drifting out as the last line caressed my ears;

"Just like love...I know he's there...waiting to be missed."

Before I finally nodded off, a happy tear falling from each eye and a smile gently tugging at my lips.

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