Chapter Two 💖

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I woke up super early today, that's at five since I was supposed to be at the interview at nine am. I did my morning routine within an hour and wore my black pencil skirt and a blue shirt plus my lucky heels. I made sure I prepared breakfast for Adrian, Mia and also prepared baby food for my two angels.
I was done with my chores exactly at seven and decided to wake up Mia. As I went to my guest room, I found them cuddled up together and lucky me, they were dressed. Mia was so keen on my instructions and also glad I had trusted her with my family.

As I got inside my car, Jake texted me to confirm if I was still up for the interview since he thought I would not even go. He wished me luck and send me the directions to the company. As I drove there, I was not surprised at the size of the building since I had passed it several times while running my errands. It was the H&Michaels Co.

"Excuse me ma'am, can you show me the direction to where interviews are being held today? "I asked the blonde at the reception.

"What's your name honey? "she asked.

"Arianna Hayes ma'am "

"Your number twenty three in the list. Go using this lift up to the 78th floor. There you'll see others, wait until your name is called. "she said sweetly. She was what we could all say a model, she had natural tanned skin like mine, brown beautiful eyes, not short and not tall,and not forgetting blonde.

"Thank you Ma'am "

"Ma'am makes me sound old, Call me Adelle. Can I call you Anna? "she says smiling.

"Ok , and you can call me that ."

"Good luck Anna, I hope you get the job "

"I also hope so, see you later "I say heading towards the lift.

The 78th floor is the last floor in the building, it is as beautiful as the other offices. I found around seventy to eighty ladies there. Most seemed panicking . As I looked at their dressing code and felt out of place. Most were dressed in short and slutry clothes leaving nothing for imagination. Others who wore make up all looked like they overdid it. I saw a group of ladies who looked like they're just from a runway, they looked like models.

I decided to keep myself busy and that was just by playing Candy crush saga in my phone. I had managed to make it up to level 679 when my number was called. At first I didn't know I was being called because I had all my attention in the game.

"For the last time number twenty three you're next. If she's not present then,,,, "

"I'm here ma'am "I said to the lady who seemed like she better be anywhere else than here .She offered me a fake smile as she showed me inside.

I handed in my papers without looking up at the man who was the interviewer.

"What's your name ?"

"Am Arianna Hayes ,sir "I said not looking at him. It's not that I'm shy it's just that I hate looking at people's faces.

"While I'm talking to you Miss you should look at me!"he ordered "Understood? "

"Yes sir." I said looking up. All I did was want to crawl back from where I came from once I saw his face. I saw a familiar set of eyes I was used to seeing everyday for the past years. I saw familiarity of him.

"Have we met before ?" he asked me breaking me from my thoughts.

"I don't think so sir." I said quickly.

"Are you sure? " he asked uncertainty in his voice.

"Yes I am. "

The interview went on for half an hour of me answering questions to Mr I don't know who.

"You will know if you have the job when you are called within three days, if not then you'll know. " he said .

"If you don't mind, what's your name sir? "

He seemed surprised "You don't know me?""Don't answer that, I'm Hunter Michaels. The CEO "WTF!

"Is that all Miss Hayes? "I only nodded.

"Thank you Mr. Michaels. "I said leaving his office.

"Jake do you know who my boss is? "

"Why not he's my friend Hunter " he said in a Daah tone. We are currently at my place since Justine was discharged today. It was the next day after the interview.

"How long have you been friends with him? "

"About seven years. We were at the same university. "

"I know him."

"What! "

"How ?"

Justine and Jake asked at the same time.

"Do you have any of his pics? "

Jake nodded and handed me his phone. I saw several pictures of the both of them. As I saw one of his pics, I showed it to Jake and Justine.

"What happened his photo has to do with you knowing him ?"

"Are you guys dumb?" I asked them as Adrian walked into the room .

"What's happening here ?" he asked.

"She says she knows Hunter "

"How,? "wow they all know Hunter.

"Momma I want ice cream "Suddenly Xander said coming into the room.

"I'll hand over in a while " as if something clicked in their heads , they glanced at the photo then Xander, to and fro about four times.

"He's the twins dad! "Adrian was the first one who shouted.

"Bingo you are a genius, you've stated the obvious "I sarcastically said to him.

"You mean our best friend is the father to my munchkins? "Jake asked Adrian

"Momma where's dad? "Alex asked and manages to draw attention to her.

"Shit!"I muttered under my breath as I tried to come up with an answer. "He's still on a business trip, he will come back soon "I said to her the same thing I always say..

As if on cue, my phone rings and I see an unfamiliar number.

"Arianna Hayes speaking "

"Hello Miss Hayes, I'm Hunter Michaels I'm calling to inform you about the job"

"Okay go ahead Mr. Michaels."

"You've got the job Miss Hayes, you are required to begin on Monday. Don't be late "guess what he did next, he told me he loved me to the moon and back. Sorry to disappoint he hung up.

"I got the job "I say knowing they're gonna ask me about it.

"Won't it be difficult to work for him knowing you're keeping a secret from him? "

"I don't think so Justine and I won't let him know. "

"Whatever you say siz . Jake remember we have a night out today with Hunter "

"We gotta go girls well catch up later "Adrian said after he took away the ice-cream cups the kids had just used.

"Please as much as possible to not mention me tonight please "I begged them as they left.

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