Chapter 19

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I could not sleep at all that night so I decided to go apologise to Raven and my daughter. I left my house very early, when I got there I was so nervous. I mean I am early if she is still sleeping, maybe I should call her, or I should just knock. I knocked and this lady came out, she was just smiling at me and was like oh my God it's you am Amanda you look more handsome than... before she could finish what she was saying Raven came down asking who was at the door and she looked shocked to see me but I was staring at her body she was just on her towel and it looks like she just took her bath but damn she looks beautiful like this how I wish the towel would just fall off yeah pervert me but I just love what I was seeing, her friend had to hit me on my head to snap me out of my imagination
When I looked at her friend Amanda she was just smiling and giving me the look I turned to Raven again and said "hy" gosh I am nervous, why am I so nervous.

sorry for coming to your place so early I just wanted to apologize for what happened last night". Raven looked at me and said you don't need to apologize to me but your daughter before I could say something else Blue came downstairs and saw us she went to her mother and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek"good morning mama"
Morning dear, how are you?
I am a fine mom. She then turned and greeted her aunt
Good morning aunt Amanda and good morning daddy she said to me smiling hearing her say that I couldn't help but to smile at her back
she just called me daddy I looked at Raven who was smiling as well she looked at me waiting for me to reply to her I got on my knee and said morning sunshine how was your night
she smiled at me and said, fine daddy
Am sorry love for what happened last night she just looked at me and said I forgive you daddy she hugged me I was just smiling I looked at Raven she was crying and smiling at the same time
So anyone wants breakfast her friend asked us Blue was the first to say yes we ate together as a family without arguing and I got to know more about my princess
Raven asked me if I was not going to my office and I told her no and that I wanted to spend some time with my daughter if that is alright with her and she could also join us. She looked at me and said no, she has to go to work. Work! What work? When did she start working?
She was staying alone she had to work to survive stupid you I hit my head then she left us to get dressed and said bye to us

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