Give Me Some Sugar

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My eyes were glued to the clock as I watched the ever so slow second hand slowly reach the twelve at the top of the clock. I was all packed up and ready to go, when suddenly, the bell rang. I jumped out my seat eagerly and ran out of Mr. Beacon's class as if my life depended on it. I hummed the annoyingly catchy song friday as I made my way to my locker. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 2:10. I had to meet Fee at Savita's at 2:30, I still had twenty minutes. I grabbed my bag and slipped on my shades, as I slammed my locker shut. I walked up to my baby, my car, and tossed my bag into the passenger seat, as I buckled in.

"Damn, girl, what's in this thing? How many tampons do you carry?" a familiar voice asked.

I shrieked in surprise and immediately went all ninja on the stranger next to me. "WAIT WAIT WAIT! I LIKE MY BALLS INTACT!" they screamed. Once I recognized who it was, I relaxed.

"My god, Carter you scared the daylights outta me." I said, relieved, "Don't ever do that again." I wagged my finger at him as I scolded him. He had the nerve to give me his adorable puppy eyes and stick his finger in his mouth. I threw back my head and laughed. "But seriously, what are you doing here? You graduated last year, remember? Valedictorian?" I questioned. Carter was ridiculously smart, unlike Caleb, another reason why I had the hots for Carter.

"I just wanted to know if you could come to this frat party at Stanford, it's gonna be pretty chill, nothing to wild." he knew me so well, I hated wild parties, and yes, he did go to Stanford.

"Sure, I'll come, text me the address, but for now, get out of my car Carter." I said in a mock stern voice. He smirked and kissed me on the cheek playfully as he stepped out of my car and walked away. I touched my cheek in shock. The feeling of his soft lips lingered on my cheek. It was decided, I was never washing my right cheek again. I sighed and suddenly remembered I had to meet Fee at Savita's, quickly, I turned my key into the slot and drove as fast as I could without getting a speeding ticket to Savita's.


I pulled up in the parking lot of the classy cafe with the big sign that read Savita's. I checked the time, it was 2:58. I cursed under my breath and ran into Savita's, I exhaled in relief when I saw Fee sitting by the window, reading a magazine. She looked up and gave me a playful disapproving look and waved me over. I took of my jacket and rushed over to our table.

"Sorry I'm late, I got distracted." I said, trying to avoid the teasing about my Carter crush.

"Hmmmm, and exactly what was distracting you?" she asked with a devilish grin. I glared at her and picked up a menu as Fee tried to get the waiter's attention. I scanned the menu and decided to order a large hot chocolate. I ordered my drink and lay back in my seat, relishing the feeling of the plush chair molding into my body. Fee's fingers snapped in front of my face and I came back to reality.

"Um, Andy? Helloo?" she asked, still snapping her fingers.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." I said, as I shooed her hands away.

"Well, I was thinking that we get really sexy costumes, since you know, Carter and Caleb are gonna be there." she giggled and I blushed at Carter's name. "I was thinking we should go to hot topic or halo in the mall for our costumes, since they have some cute stuff there. If we don't find anything, we can always go to target." I scowled at the word target. Recently, there had been a social media craze over an employee named Alex that worked at Target. I had been getting emails and texts from people asking if this was Alex's number.

"Oh, jeez, look at the time, we have to go now! The mall is having a sale soon, and I need to be at the front of the line to get all the good stuff!" she squealed. I rolled my eyes at my best friend's shopping obsession. "Let's go let's go let's go!" I groaned as Fee dragged me to my car.

"Wait, if we're going in my car, how did you get here?" I asked.

"I went on the bus silly." and with that, she practically threw me into the passenger seat and plopped herself in the driver's seat. "Now, let's go for a ride." I had barely buckled my seatbelt, when she started speeding down Beverly. I clung onto my seat for dear life and hoped that I would at least live long enough to finish high school.


"How about this one? A sexy nurse is just so you!" Fee squealed as she shoved the skimpy white rag into my arms. I gave her my are-you-serious look and she huffed as she continued to look through the racks. I looked around the store as I searched for something decent that wouldn't get me raped. I suddenly saw something, and I nearly swooned.

I rushed from my seat and looked for my size, when I found it. It was perfection. It was a black cat woman costume. It had black, tight leather shorts that had a black belt attached to it, a tight tube top that was also a leather black, thigh high stiletto heels, also black, and a mask with attached kitty ears. I loved it. I waved Fee over and pointed to the costume.

"THIS IS THE ONE!" I said, excitedly. Fee looked it over and nodded her head in approval. "You should go villain with me to! OMG you should be poison ivy!" I screamed as I pointed to the rack next to mine that held what looked like a poison ivy costume. I picked it out and held it in front of her. "Caleb will go nuts for you!" I said, winking at her and she blushed. It was practically an emerald green corset, with faux vines that you put around you arms, and green pumps. With her slightly reddish hair, she would look exactly like Ivy. I shoved her into a dressing room, and threw the costume in with her as I went in the stall next to her. i didn't know what was in that hot chocolate, but I was pumped.

We tried on our costumes, bought them and left. By the time I pulled up in my driveway it was already five o clock. I took my bag upstairs and grabbed my laptop. With my laptop secured under my arm, I walked back downstairs.

"Mom! Dad?" I shouted. Puzzled, I walked into the kitchen and saw a note.

'Gone on a business trip, super important deal we cannot miss! See you next week!'

I sighed and leaned on the counter. It was everyone's day off too. I rummaged through the fridge and happily pulled out a tub of rocky road ice cream. Despite my parents leaving, I walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. I opened my laptop and opened the ice cream. I was met with a symphony of pings, all from facebook and twitter. I logged into facebook and decided I was going to change my status.

@Andyshmandy: In a serious relationship with Ben and Jerry.

I smiled and checked my feed. Carter was with his buddies from college at the beach, I drooled at the picture of his perfectly ripped body, eight pack, v line and all. I jumped when I heard the doorbell ring. I closed my laptop and walked over to the door.

"Hey neighbor, got any sugar?" Caleb asked, wiggling his eyebrows. I scoffed and promptly slammed the door back in his face. I heard him whining from the other side. "But neighbor, we're like besties! Don't you wanna give me some sugar?" There was a pause, "Okay, I did not mean for that to sound like a sexual innuendo!" another pause, "well, maybe I did, but still! Seriously do you have any? My mom's making brownies and she needs some s-u-g-a-r! Unless you actually DO want to give me some su-" I swung open the door just to shut him up.

"Wait here, I'll be right back." I said sternly, like I was talking to a puppy. I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed the bag of domino sugar. I turned to find him right behind me. I let out a gasp of shock. "I told you to wait in the foyer!"

"Do I...turn you on?" he asked, I stifled a laugh.

"Ohhhh you do, you turn me on so much." I said seductively and leaned in, only to knee him in his crown jewels, for the second time. I threw back my head and laughed my brains out as he groaned and writhed in pain, but it wasn't sadistic in any way. I just couldn't believe that he would fall for my I'm-so-into-you act. I helped him up off the floor and handed him the bag of sugar. I led him to the front door and threw him out as I slammed the door, again.

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