Chapter Sixteen

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WARNING, sexy scenes ahead!
Please wait for the next update if you aren't comfortable with this :)

WARNING, sexy scenes ahead!Please wait for the next update if you aren't comfortable with this :)

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     I was lying on my back, staring wide-eyed at the gorgeous alien man above me. His wicked grin was all that I could see as I sucked in my bottom lip nervously.

"I-I'm not sure about all of this," I murmured, bringing my legs up, preparing to hoist my trembling body off of the soft, silky sheets beneath me. Away from him and his hungry eyes and my traitorous mind. Kade stood at the end of the bed, towering over my small frame. He truly was enormous. I didn't even want to imagine what else was enormous. My face burned at the thought and I had to shake my head to clear the unimaginable things that were now racing through my mind.

Kade merely leaned further over me, his dazzling blue eyes gazing into my own. My mouth went dry as I stared helplessly up at him, utterly entranced with his otherworldly beauty. I supposed that I may look like this through a humans eyes now too; beautiful in a terrifying, strange way that even as one of them, I still couldn't quite comprehend.

He laughed deeply, as if amused by my expression. Seconds later, he was grabbing my hips and lifting me up like I weighed no more than a feather, plucking me from the mattress below. His strong hands gripped the bottom of my thighs as he pulled me tightly against him. I could feel his muscles beneath my legs, hard in all the right places. He had maneuvered me so easily and quickly that I was too stunned to do anything but look back at him, my lips slightly parted, wondering what he was going to do next.

He surprised me by sitting down on the edge of the bed with me on top of him, now straddling his lap. Now impossibly embarrassed, I went to move off of his body only for his strong hands to grip my waist, causing me to nearly grind against him. I could feel him beneath me.

My breath audibly hitched and I had to take in a long breath of air in an attempt to regain my senses. When I finally felt in control again, I brought my eyes back to his. I narrowed them at his smug expression; he clearly knew exactly the kind of havoc he was unleashing within my body.

Kade brought his face close to mine and I held my breath in anticipation. I wasn't sure I was on board with this whole biting thing, but what other choice did I have at this point? It was either I do as they say or ultimately put the Naurians and myself at risk with my unstable powers.

"Why do you resist the pull?" Kade's voice rumbled huskily. I shivered, feeling his hands at my hip once more. They slipped downward until they cupped my ass. He stared down at me, looking anything but apologetic. The bastard. 

I opened my mouth to chastise him for grabbing my butt, but before I could his slight stubble brushed against the crook of my neck. I shivered against his large body.

"What pull?" I asked, trying to sound indifferent. Oh, you could definitely bet that I could feel something. A lot of something. I bit my lip again, trying to ignore the tingling sensation that was travelling along my entire body.

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