Guys, this is it. The final chapter in The Boy That Changed My Direction! I'm crying a little right now. This story was my baby for the last nine months. Haha I just realized, I said it was my baby... Get it, nine months? I didn't even realize it! Yeah, this story had enough time to develop and now it was birthed. Congrats to me! Okay, enough weirdness. I'll have a longer authors note at the end.


Chapter 27

"Megan, that was great! I think that was the last recording we need. All your High Jinx fans are going to be thrilled." I hear Ron say from outside the recording booth. Two months ago I moved here to L.A. signing with Island Records. I changed my stage name to High Jinx and my manager, Ron Granger, has been working on getting my name out there since I got here. I've only released covers of songs for now, but I just finished recording my first single ever. Something Syco Records never accomplished doing in one year, I might add. "I think that's it for the day Meg, you can go now. But don't forget to come in tomorrow afternoon for an important meeting!"

"Thanks Ron! Don't worry though, I won't. G'night!" I say and walk out of the booth, giving him a hug before grabbing my bag and heading outside. Its dark out since it's already ten. Lately I've been staying really late, trying to write a lot of new songs, recording covers of songs, plus trying to get my name out there since not very many people know who High Jinx is yet.

I climb into the Lamborghini Aventador I was renting while here and head to my apartment right down the road. One I pull up at my parking spot I turn it off and pull my keys out and slowly walk up to my room. The second I get there I flop on my bed and lay there, looking up at the white blank ceiling. Finally walk over to my bathroom and pull my purplish colored hair up into a messy bun and scrub my face. I pull out my green colored contacts and pull on my glasses. Since I got to Los Angeles I had to dye my hair, get eye color changing contacts, spray tan to change my pale complexion, and completely change my style. Not that I mind of course, when they offered me a fresh start in my career, and life, I jumped at the opportunity. I went back into my room and pulled out my Mac Pro onto my lap. I open up my Twitter and scroll through my dash. I retweet some of my fans and follow them. I see a tweet from Louis on my feed.

'Louis Tomlinson: Had a lovely day with my lovely girlfriend @Just_Laura3 and my best mates'

I click on the picture and see Louis, Laura, Liam, and Erika all at Disney Land California. I smile as I see them looking all happy. As much as I know they hate me, and how much better off they are without me in their life, I still really miss them. I haven't talked to them or contacted them since I left. They haven't tried to contact me either, from what I know. Even though my personal Twitter is still up I haven't gone on it since the day I put up the video in fear of what I'd see. I'm still not ready to face it, because I also know that if I do see all the hate I'll go back to cutting, something I stopped doing about a month after getting here. Finally after scrolling through my feed, and checking the guys personal Twitters to read all their tweets for the day, I exit off Twitter and shut down my computer. I decide to do another cover of a song, since I haven't done one in the last week. I reboot my computer and look at some of my request. Finally I decide on one and pull out my guitar. I open up I-Movie and start recording.

"Hey guys it's High Jinx! Since I haven't made a cover of a song in a while I decided to do a new one. I saw a lot of people requested this, so I hope you like it." I say and start to strum on the guitar.

Hey boy I'm waiting on ya

I'm waiting on ya

Come on and let me sneak you out

And have a celebration

A celebration

The music up

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