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Words for brokenheart, unloved.

This is what a beautiful man look alike right now. He stared at his divorced paper in his hand. His husband- ex husband- will never knew what his feeling right now. He never cheated to anyone but why he's being accused like that? His friends sided with his ex husband without knowing the truth.

The only friend who know the truth and approach him only Park Jimin. The only friend he rely the most in this life.



He once had a happy life with his husband and his friends. He had no family because he was raised in orphanage house with some other kids. He worked as bank officer and he was known as a person workaholic and dedicated his life on his work. He's friendly with all of people and he never hold a grudge to any people but some people hold a grudge upon him, it's just they jealous seeing his good life.

Kim Taehyung, his husband and everyone respect him the most. His face look like sculpture of goddess and one of rich people in South Korea. Taehyung first meeting with his husband when he give him mineral water because Taehyung himself look sad. Taehyung met him when he's down and he swear his beautiful face give him warm especially his smile.

Taehyung hired someone to search about the beautiful man because he fall in love with him. Then afterward he purposely meeting him again but he make it look like an 'accidently meeting him again'. Well, the only person who can lure and tame Kim Taehyung, it's him.

After a years they knowing each other, Taehyung proposed him to be his lover. He was so happy because he had a crush on Taehyung but he ashamed of himself. At the same time, his friends Park Jimin and Min Yoongi cheered for him and Taehyung's friend Jung Hoseok, Jeon Jungkook and Kim Namjoon being happy for Taehyung.

The sky is clear and bright in the morning, but we don't even know when it's raining in afternoon. They have a marriage after a year being a lover but he thought he had a happy life with Taehyung.

When we shared one pillow and one bed, we clearly know what he was.

Taehyung still love him but sometimes Taehyung neglect his presence.

"Taehyung, are you back for dinner?" He speak through the phone while look at the dish he cooked just now.

"Sorry, I have dinner with Mr.Lee" He feel sad in sudden because Taehyung didn't back home and eat dinner with him.

"You said you coming back home early.." He speak in soft tone because he's afraid Taehyung will scold him.

"Tsk, suit yourself. Just eat without me, I have something to do" Taehyung hung up his phone before he finish his speak.

"I love you Tae.." He speak with his phone and that night he was crying but he hide his sadness in front of his friend.

Taehyung treat him cold sometimes and he tried to cheer him up but ended up he being a stone in front of Taehyung.

But Taehyung still love him. He still love Taehyung.

He loved being with his friends and lately Namjoon always coming up to him. They're like a best friend and they always hung out together. To people knowing them, it's friend gesture when Namjoon ruffle his hair lovingly, when Namjoon laugh with him, going to movie and playing game at arcade but not with people not knowing them.

The jealousy on him getting worst when someone send video him and Namjoon 'intimate' skinship to Taehyung.

The fight happened, Taehyung accused him playing with his back with Namjoon meanwhile he busy find money for them. The fight getting worst until their friend add in argument. They asking Namjoon and he never thought that Namjoon actually in love with him. He no words and no one to defend him back when Namjoon said like that in front of Taehyung and his friends. The perspective towards him change as well. Seems like he tried to ruin their friendship.

Then, Namjoon going oversea to further his business family at there leaving his friend and problem. Their marriage unstable when Taehyung not coming back home, leaving him in depression solving his problem. He tried to approach Taehyung, going his workplace and waiting an hours in front of his building but he never want to talk to him.

He lucky found Taehyung eating dinner and he approach him. Its not his luck afterwards when Taehyung scolded him and accused him like a stalker. Then, he announced to him and he will get divorced to him and married with Irene, his current lover.

"she's pregnant my son, it's been a month"

He wonder who's a cheater right now?

Everyone look at the drama at that restaurant and Taehyung leaving him like a dust with a woman.



The only friend who being with him only Park Jimin. His friend and an orphan like him as well.

"Jimin-ah.." He was crying when he remember his life and he had a depression after his divorce. Then he heard Taehyung will get married with Irene. Jimin approach his friend who he seeing as brother and hold his hand. No one know that he tried to end his pain life 3 times and Jimin ended up saving him again and again.

"Hyung, please don't leave me hyung. I love you so much, I have no one in this world. I only had you" Jimin was crying and never leaving his side. His condition getting worst, he can't eat and doctors feed him through an IV tube. 

"Hyung is tired, hyung just tired because no one treat me fair. I'm glad hyung have you Jimin" The poor hand ruffle Jimin's fluffy hair. Jimin can't even see his hyung's face because he had no shine and it seems like he doesn't want to live again.

"Hyung have a request, Jimin-ah" Jimin look up at his hyung.

"what is it? Hyung want to eat? I can buy anything you want. Steak?" Jimin enthusiastically asked because his hyung like steak and he want his hyung be alive again. He shakes his head with a weak smile upon his face.

"Hyung want you be kind to others, I want you always visit our orphanage house because I didn't visit anymore since I'm sick." He smile painfully to Jimin. "I have a little of money in my savings and I want you taking care all of that. Don't worry, it's my money when I'm working."

JImin pouted and his tears coming out again. He doesn't understand why everyone treat his hyung like this? His hyung never hurt people but why people hurt his hyung like this?

"Please use that money for you and the other kids at orphanage. You know my twin right, Jimin?" Jimin look at his hyung with tears again. He was crying loudly.

"Please give him my money too and say that I'm sorry I can't continue this"

"HYUNG! NO! please don't say like that!" He was crying as well.

Only a few knew he had a twin but they never really care even Taehyung. He wonder if Taehyung acknowledge about his twin. His twin never appeared in front of them because he hate city and he hate noises. Even his twin like that, he always visit his twin at orphanage house and they will share story to each other.

"Hyung, don't you pity at your pregnancy? At least give her life, hyung."

He just laugh painfully and he smile sadly. "His father never knew about her existence and I'm afraid no one really taking care of her anymore."

"Hyung, please. Don't say like that," Jimin hug his hyung while his hand out upon his bulge stomach. "At least give her a life, hyung. We build a new life, hyung, okay? Don't think others, I will take care of you"

He caressed Jimin's face and smile sadly. "Jiminnie, don't waste time with someone like me who had no desire to live again, I only love Taehyung eventhough he not love me anymore. I still remember my promise to him and maybe that's why I can't move on." Jimin didn't know why his tears can't stop. "I hope someday happiness come to you, Jiminnie and you found a right person for you."


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