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"Hmm! This tastes very good!" Jisoo said. "Oh, what's this??? Something's written here. There's a message written in here."

"Don't read it, eonni! Read it by yourself. I wrote messages for you there." Dahyun said.

"Oh." Jin tasted the cookie. "Oh! This tastes really good. We can sell like this at the resto, like one of the souvenirs."

"Really, oppa?" Dahyun asked. Jin nodded.

"How can you all eat this?" Jungkook muttered and looked at his gift from Dahyun.

"And I heard everything that what Jungkook wears and use gets sold out immediately." Dahyun said, Jungkook looked at her.


"That's right, It's time for JK to be the restaurant's advertiser. What about a photoshoot?" Jin laughed.

"It can be." Jimin laughed.

"What are you talking about?"

"I should start helping my brother's business." Dahyun nodded.

"Oh! This chocolate really look good, an art indeed. How did Chaeyoung do this?" Jin peeked the chocolate Jimin is holding.

"Haven't you heard of a chocolate molder or something? Of course Chaeyoung couldn't do that without the help of those." Jin shook his head, Jimin glared at him.

"I know, hyung. I know." Jimin said.


"Merry christmas, it's christmas." Jin checked his watch. "We can all go to bed, bake cookies for me again." Jin said. "Hey, you two. Bed, upstairs." He told Jungkook and Jimin. They followed him up, Jisoo went to her room too. Dahyun stayed downstairs, she can't sleep after they waited for 12 midnight.

She remembered that Jisoo and Moonbyul has gifts for her. She went back to her room and opened their gifts, she got a sweater from Moonbyul with a letter and a bracelet from Jisoo. She wore the sweater.

"Beautiful." She got startled and saw Jungkook standing at the door.

"Gosh, you startled me. What are you doing here?"

"Can't sleep, I saw your door open. Why are you still awake?" He asked.

"Close the door, they'll see you." Jungkook get inside and closed it. "I can't sleep, I got a nice sweater from Byul eonni and a bracelet from Jisoo eonni."

"I also have a gift for you." He said.

"What? Where?" Dahyun looked at him. Jungkook walked to her and his hands are behind him. "Where?" Dahyun tried peeking behind him but she can't.

"Here." Jungkook suddenly hugged her tight.

"What?" Dahyun got shocked.

"How about me as your christmas present?" He asked.

"What is this? You're being cheesy." Dahyun laughed, then hugged him back.

"Do you like the cookies and chocolates?"

"I didn't eat them." Dahyun looked up to him and pouted.

"Why? You didn't like chocolates? Is it the way I packed it? You didn't like them?"

"No, no. It's not like that, I am craving for them." Jungkook sat on Dahyun bed. "I want to eat it but thinking of losing them in my mouth makes me feel sad. You baked it. Why did you give such a gift that I can't keep?"

Dahyun laughed.

"What? Come on, I'm really nervous giving it to you because I know we all have different tastes. I'll bake you cookies and make you chocolates anytime you want to." Dahyun smiled, Jungkook looked away while smiling. "What?"

"Stop it." He said. Dahyun beat his arm.

"Ya, faster. You didn't even read my message for you, I knew it. Because you didn't want to eat it." Dahyun frowned.

"Tell me what did you wrote for the others? Jimin hyung?"

"What? Of all people, I don't remember." She said.

"I won't eat it." Jungkook crossed his arms.

"Come on, I just thanked them. Almost all of them, I wrote the same but I'm sincere about that. Like Jimin sunbaenim, I thanked him for being one of my closest friend from my brother's group. I'm wishing him the best for another year. Of course I made more meaningful for Jisoo eonni and Jin oppa. Satisfied? Where's my gift?"

"How about me?"

"Uh, less meaningful?" Jungkook pouted, Dahyun chuckled. "I'm kidding."

"I left it inside the guestroom."

"Get it."


"Come on, if you don't want to then just go back and sleep. We still have to prepare for later, it's already christmas day."

"Can I sleep here?"

"No, my siblings are here."

"So you'll said yes if there's only you and me here?"

"No. What are we? Married???" Jungkook chuckled.

"Okay, okay. I'll get back now." Jungkook stood up. "Good night, beautiful."

"Stop mocking me, go to sleep." Dahyun opened the door for him. "Good night, see you tomorrow." She said and closed the door. Jungkook got back to the guest room, Jimin was peacefully sleeping. He laid beside him and stared at the ceiling, he took the cookies from the side table and stared at it.

"It really looks delicious." Jungkook gulped craving for it and placed it on his chest and closed his eyes.

Jimin opened his eyes.


The next day, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin left early to have their practice. Dahyun asked Jisoo if she can come with her at YG, and they did. Dahyun felt very nervous while holding the paper bag with her gifts for Blackpink.

"Oh? Dahyun-ah." Lisa saw her, Dahyun bowed at them.

"Annyeonghaseyo. Merry christmas." She greeted.

"Merry christmas, Dahyun." Blackpink greeted her back.

"Are you here to accompany your sister?" Jennie asked.

"Ah, yes. Not just that, I want to give you my present." Dahyun brought out her gifts for them.

"Oh my, thank you Dahyunnie. I'm sorry I don't have one for you." Lisa said.

"No, no It's fine. I'm not expecting something in return, just take care of my Jisoo eonni." Dahyun joked.

"We will, oh! I saw my name. Omo, is this the chocolate's name? Rosé?" Rosé asked. Dahyun smiled.

"No, it isn't. My name is also here." Lisa showed her.

"Me too." Jennie said.

"Oh, how sweet of you Dahyun." Lisa said.

"I baked those, with the help of Chaeyoung. I made your names printed there."

"Oh, Chaeyoungie." Rosé said. "Thank you, Dahyun."

"You're very welcome, eonnis." Dahyun chuckled. "I hope you like it, It isn't perfect but I wanted to greet you merry christmas." Dahyun bowed.

"Oh, merry christmas. Thank you very much, Dahyun." Jennie said and Dahyun said goodbye to them and to her sister, she rushed going to JYP for preparation.

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