Living Again~ Twenty-One

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Can't wait for tonight... Love you :) -Ethan

I read it over and over, smiling widely. 

"Are you done reading his little love message? If so then PLEASE come here because we have important things to do!" Brianna said, with an annoyed look on her face and a teasing smile forming on her lips. I just gave her a cheeky grin and went obediently to where she stood in front of my wardrobe. 

She started looking through it, checking out all the dresses that I had. Why did I have to wear a dress? I don't mind wearing it but my date is Ethan of all people, who knows what plans he had? He is so full of surprises, we might be going hiking for all I know. 

Brianna spoke then, while taking out some of the dresses, "Did he tell you where you guys were going?"

I sighed, "It's a surprise." I wish I knew where we were going, it would be so much easier to choose my clothes and all. Good thing Brianna was here or else I would have no idea what to do.

"Don't worry about that," she shrugged, "He told me."

"Realy? So where is it? You have to tell me!"

"I can't." She murmured, keeping her eyes on the dresses which were laid out on my bed.

"Please Bri?"

"Nope!" She grinned then pulled a dress off my bed. It was a bold turquoise color with spagetti straps. There was a thick lace full of sequins just below the chest and from the size it looked like it would fall down to just above me knees.(A/N: Pic of the dress on the side) "This is gorgeous! It's perfect."

I smiled, the dress was infact really pretty. Ethan had told me to wear something pretty. I'm suspicious about the location... why does it have to be a secret?

After picking out my accessories and such, the long process of getting 'made up' started. If Bri wasn't here I would have just put some lip gloss on and left but she insisted that Ethan would love it if I dressed up a bit more. I didn't argue with her because she had known him much longer so she probably knew what he liked more than I did. I was jealous of her, I had to admit. She was perfect. But you couldn't feel bitter towards someone like Brianna for long, she had such a pleasing personality. No wonder Ethan's mom loves her.

"So Ethan didnt tell you anything at all about the date?" I shook my head and she just smiled, I had a feeling she knew exactly what we were doing but I just sighed as she curled my hair. 

Once I was ready she FINALLY allowed me to look in the long mirror. I gasped. She really did know what she was doing. 

"Marissa, even you can't deny that you look amazing!" She gushed.

"Thanks a lot Bri! You did a great job." I smiled at my reflection, pretty. My wide brown eyes were coated with eyeliner and mascara.

She rolled her eyes, "No thank yous. Now let me call Ethan and see if he's on his way."

"Wait! I'll call him!" I grabbed my phone, I hadn't talked to him all day and I just wanted to hear his voice, as pathetic as that sounds. Before I could press 'call' my phone flew out of my hands and I gasped at Brianna who now had a very mischevious look on her face. I narrowed my eyes, "Brianna. Give-me-my-phone."

"I-will-not." She mimicked me.

"Give it!" I tried to snatch it back but she ran out of the room. I sprinted after her and soon enough we were running around the house like five year olds, giggling and squealing.

"You can't call him!" 

"Why not?!"

"Because I said so!"

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