Chapter 6

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I wake up the next morning- today I will officially move into Tobias' apartment with him! I roll off of the bed and look over to see Tobias still asleep.

Its 10:00, so we should probably go and bring all of my stuff back here. I tip-toe over to his side of the bed and kiss him firmly on the lips. Although I don't see his eyes open, I know he wakes up because he begins kissing back.

"Toby, get up. You have to help me get all my stuff." I pull away from his embrace and change. once I'm done, Tobias showers and steps out in a towel, his wet hair glimmering. I blush and step into the hall while he changes.

"Hey, babe, ready to go?" Tobias says as he steps outside and takes my hand.

"babe?" I reply as we continue on our way.

"Ya, thought I'd try it out, good?"


We walk in a comfortable silence until we get to the dorm rooms. I let go of Tobias' hand and open the door. We step inside and go over to my old dorm bed. I hand Tobias one of my boxes and he steps out to put it down in the hall.

I'm finishing packing another box as he steps out when I hear something behind me, than I feel something hit the back of my legs and I drop to the floor.

"Hey stiff, where are you going" I feel Peter flip me over as he pushes a butter knife against the under part of my chin, and I begin to feel my blood drip out. I kick him where the sun doesn't shine. He falls to the floor, but quickly gets up and punches me in the jaw, further opening my cut. I see spots and fall down, then Peter gets on me and starts groping me... ew.

"How's it feel, stiff? I bet number boy can't do this..." then he rips off my shirt and begins to clip off my bra. I can't move, and I'm terrified. Tears are streaming down my face when I hear a roar coming from the entrance to the dorms.

"GET OFF OF MY TRIS!" Tobias screams, and Peters greedy face turns pale as he stands up slowly. Tobias slams him into a wall and throws the knife at him, it lands right in his eye, perfect. Tobias lifts me up and takes me back to the apartment.

I take Tris back to the apartment, still raging with anger. I set her on the bed and sit next to her. She curls into a fatal position and cries into my lap, which drives me crazy because, well, she is only wearing a bra and she getting so close to me... No. I have to help Tris right now.

I help her take off her pants and hand her one of my shirts, which she slips on before climbing into bed with me. I hear her crying herself to sleep that night and I make a promise to myself...
Peter will pay, and I have no mercy for him.

*Disclaimer: Veronica Roth
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