[Love and Tears] part 19.

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"You're my what?" I questioned, breathing heavily and swallowing hard. What was this woman talking about? My mother died about 3 years ago.

She chewed her nails violently, spitting them out after she had bitten them off. She then bit her lip. "I, uh-" She started but couldn't seem to find the right words. "I..." She gulped, having seemingly found the right words to say. "I shouldn't of said anything. Not like this."

I frowned at her. She drops a bombshell like and then fixes it by saying that? "No." I said, grabbing her arm. "You've said it now. So you are going to explain everything and tell me the reason of this lie!" I demanded, wanting to spit on her face. My mother was dead! How on earth could she be my mother!?

"I don't think this is the right time."

"You got that right." I told her, biting my lip. "But what's done is done so explain! Why lie?" I asked, staring her directly in the eyes.

"What? Lie? No. I'm not lying, Callie. I'm really not."

"My mother is dead. How can you be my mum?" I asked, pushing the hair that had fallen into my face to the side. This was not the time!

"I know that. And..." She sighed. "I know."

"What do you mean you know?" I asked.

"Listen, Callie. I wanted to tell you at the right time. I wanted to pretend to be your cleaner so I could get to know you better. And somehow I'd tell you, when the time was right and things weren't weird between us."

I giggled. Things weren't weird between us? "What? There would never be a 'right time' to lie." I told her, Disgusted by her endless lies. No way was I going to fall for this.

"It's not a lie!" She assured me. "I was going to tell you, straight just like that. But when I knocked you was in a bad mood and I just-"

"So this is my fault your a lying bitch?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "Watch your language."

"Excuse me!" I shouted. Who was she to tell me to 'watch my language'!? To me, all she was was a cleaner imposter. I don't understand how she could be giving me orders like that. 

"Lets just drop it. Anyway as I was saying you was in such a bad mood, I thought telling you would be a bad decision. Then the thought just hit me! I don't know! I didn't think it through. Of course I didn't, otherwise I wouldn't have to explain this whole situation along with the fact that I'm your mother to you." She told me, biting her lips so much that they had changed colour to a bright red.

"You're not my mother!" I told her, anger in my voice.

"But Callie, I am." She said. How could she still be sticking to this story?

"But, no, you're not."

She rolled her eyes. "Callie Amy Louise Woods." She started. I interrupted her. 

"Just because you know my full name doesn't mean you're my mother." I said. 

"I know that! But who else knows your name here? I don't even think Danielle does." My eyes widened when she mentioned Danielle's name.

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