Chapter 1 ~ Just A Small Backstory

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[Y/N] = Your Name
[E/C] = Eye Color
[H/C] = Hair Color
[S/T] = Skin Tone
[F/C] = Favorite Color

[More will be added if necessary]

This chapter keeps going off track. Please don't mind me. This is kinda a first for me(not entirely).


Let's just say, I hate school.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Yeah, duh! Who in their right mind likes school? It's a waste of time forcing unnecessary knowledge into our brains, only to have us never use it again." Or something like that.

So we can all agree schook sucks. Right? Good. We can get back to the story now.

I am (Y/N) Chandler. Adopted "twin" brother of Heather Chandler. Best friend of Heather McNamara. The forgotten Heather. My main color is (F/C)[Not red, blue, green, or yellow]. No, I don't have a scrunchie in my hair. But, I got one on my wrist [Thanks to Heather M.]

My life is anything but perfect. Yes, I do avoid getting bullied for my "feminine-like" attire and attitude. Or for not actually being blood-related to Chandler. And thanks to my social status, I got the best [and cleanest] seats at lunch, people were willing to give me their food, and girls were giving me way more attention than any other family at the adoption center ever did.

But, there are some downs. Starting with home life. Me and Heather immediately clicked when the Chandlers adopted me. Us two were about 5 to 6 years old. She would play soccer with me and I would play dress up with her. Sadly, though, her parents were not adopting me out of kindness. Shocking, I know. I had to find that out the hard way. No, they were adopting me because it was the best option to finally get ahead of the Dunstock family in the neighborhood "kindness" competition. Yep, even adults have petty competitions. It's sad, really.

Anyways, it was back in elementary school when the verbal abuse began. First grade to be exact. Heather got into a fight with some kid for making fun of my nails, that she painted the previous weekend, at recess. Mom picked us both up that day after getting a call from the principal. She was not happy. I don't know what happened to Heather that night because I was sent to my room as soon as I walked through the door. All I know is that she didn't come down for dinner and stayed in her room for two whole weeks.

Ever since the incident, Father would always get mad at me for playing dress up with Heather. Or letting her paint my nails. Even now he scolds me just for hanging out with the Heathers at school. Like I'm supposed to just ignore the fact that C is my sister and actually cares about me.

He wanted me to be the son "he never had." To be a great at sports and be a dumb jock and NOT worry about my grades, unless it interferes with the sports he forces me into.

Like that'll ever happen. I do like playing soccer but I HATE jocks. Especially, Kurt and Ram, who I'm pretty sure are gay for each other. They're such dicks to everyone!

Enough about them. More about now.

Today was the day.

I was gonna confess to Martha.

That's right. Martha Dunnstock. Short plump nerd with glasses and an adorable face and such a lovable personality. And-

. . .

Uhhh, anyways, I've had a crush on her since she joined our class in 2nd grade. She just seemed so nice. I was gonna invite her over to sit with me, Heather [C], and Heather [M]. But, that BITCH, Veronica Sawyer, got her to sit with her and two other nerds, Evan and Jeremy? I'm pretty sure those two are brothers now.

I've never liked Veronica, but M gained a crush on her in 6th grade. So, I couldn't talk bad about her. But, you wouldn't believe the absolute loathing I felt when I found out that the girls let her join the group.

First Day of Senior Year, During Lunch [3rd POV]

"[Y/N], this is Veronica. You know her, right?" Chandler asked him, completely aware he knew who she was.

"Yeah, I heard o' her." [Y/N] sneered behind a fake smile.

"That's a surprise. With the fact you barely listen to any of our conversations." Duke replied.

"Just because I don't respond to you, 'Not-Even-Close-To-Double-Ds', doesn't mean I don't listen to the conversation." He shot back towards Duke.

Heather D. had a look of surprise before she composed herself and shot a glare towards the male.

"I don't think we officially met, though." Veronica said, holding her hand out for the male to shake.

[Y/N] looked at her hand in disgust before catching a glance at Heather M. He sighed and, reluctantly, shook Veronica's hand before pulling her close to hise face.

"Let's get the rules set. If you see me in the hallways, in class, or anywhere without the girls, do not approach me. I'm not gonna be all buddy-buddy with you just because-" He whispered into Veronica's ear before cutting himself off and letting go of her hand.

"Nevermind. Just leave me alone. Got it?" He said through an almost too cheerful smile.

"..Got i-it."



So, what'd you guys think? Terrible, right? That's what I thought. Leave me feedback if I should even continue this or give up like everything else I do.

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