20. warriors

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February, 2018

Guess who just called me!!! Rose wrote to Ingrid one London afternoon – late morning New York City.

Who did?

Ingrid had a feeling, but wanted to see what her friend had to say.

Michelle Evans!!! Shocked emojis. I couldn't quite believe it. Why would she be calling me, after everything, you know? Turns out she had a 'business proposition' for me.

Ingrid grinned.

Yeah, I know.

You do???



Oh, let me guess... was this your doing??

Oh, you cunning little...

Yup! Ingrid laughed.

It was my idea

Wanted to see your show for myself. Wink.

Also I need to sell some booze & make some cash asap so win-win!

Rose sent a string of laughing emojis.

Fair enough!!

Liz's always wanted to try out America. So we were going to cross the pond at some point!

Wasn't expecting it to be so soon, though!!

Especially after all the wedding expenses...

You reached out just in time!

Thanks so much, Ingrid – we both love you tremendously for this!!!

My pleasure, ladies.

Hey, will you talk to the girls – see if they could make the trip?

I might be able to get Michelle to bring Sienna over but...

Oh, that's such a brilliant idea!!

But then again, you've always been full of those!

Sure, I'll ask and see! It'd be so lovely if we could organise a little reunion in NYC! How fabulous...

Rose attached a row of sparkling hearts to her messages and a plethora of kisses. They chatted for a little while longer, exchanging holiday anecdotes, until Ingrid had to focus back on work.

Being back at the office in the new year had been frightening, yet refreshing. The boxing had helped strengthen her spirit. Spending time with all three Brennans had brightened her mood. And now without Yvonne – who'd learned she was pregnant and elected to remain in London with her husband – sorting through their workload and all the administrative details had become somewhat more challenging.

Ingrid had thrown herself into it. The office and the townhouse turned into her safe havens and she had Murphy shuttling her back and forth between them. Then there was the self-defence training and her newfound interest in stick-fighting, ever since buying her badass skull-topped cane.

She had enough going on to keep her content, and safe, and with Michelle approving possibly her best project idea so far, Ingrid wondered if she'd ever been happier.


Cait, who'd moved into Yvonne's vacated bedroom, climbed down for a late dinner one evening, walking in on Ingrid and her dad cuddling and kissing on the extended living-room sofa. She backed away quickly, though, and they never noticed her. The girl giggled to herself.

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