chapter 1: meeting the people

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Xaivier montano

A self made billionaire arrogant selfish stuck up but undeniably handsome he has some dark  secrets to hide from the rest of the world . He is closed up and very inconsiderate . Women fall at his feet at all times and he throws  them like he changes his shirts everyday, he breaks their hearts without a care in the world . He is always on the front covers of newspapers with a new model or actress every day. Out if nowhere comes a black girl who stunters into his office  he not knowing it will change him for the rest of his life. He has sand blond hair, straight aristocratic nose, high cheekbones, plump red lips, a sharp chiseled jaw and lastly s firm built body made him a true adonis. He is 27. His favourite emoji is 😈

Kambili calliso

She is a simple girk coming from her home back in a country in Africa  called Nigeria. She has an older brother her parents are divorced so she lives with her dad but still keeps in touch with  her mom. She finished  school amzingly well with 4.5 GPA score. She is smart focused and ready  to acheive her goal . She  hasnt dated anyone because she believes they would not sidetrack her.
She is very shapey with measurements of 30-20-50. Her hair is very curly thick and long she has caramel coloured skin she is average hight she has brown eyes. She is 25. Her favourite  emoji is 😇

Ricardo calliso

Brother of Kambili  he is 26 . He is okay in terms of finance looks and business. He owns a party planning service in Nigeria and he makes quite a lot of money from it. He is engaged to an  Italian  model called Doregoe Sanchez. He is a very cheerful person who grabs opportunities by the horns he watches out for his little sister considering how fine she is. He wouldnt want her getting raped. He was the only one who encouraged her to move to america in search of greener pastures . He is a chill guy very funny and carefree. His favourite  emoji is 😂

Doregoe sanchez

Doregoe is a model from italy. She is very popular she is half cast Nigerian and half Italian.  She is nice, beautiful and carefree. She truly loves Ricardo but she has a disliking for Kambili. Her parents are rich business people. They dont support her marriage to Ricardo because he is Nigerian. But she still has the best of intentions of getting married to Ricardo. She is 24. Her favourite emoji is 😗.

Mr. and Mrs Calliso.
They are the parents of Kambili. They chant a certain mantra for Kambili and Ricardo : Today is lost but tomorrow  is still  ours to win or  lose. They are live a stable life in Nigeria  they are against Kambili  going to America thinking she is going to find a man in America.  They want her to get married to a man from Nigeria  and go on with all the traditional  customs. They believe alredy losing  one child to a foreign person is bad enough (Ricardo getting  married  to a girl from Italy). They raised Kambili abd Ricardo  very well. Mrs Calliso is 49 and Mr Calliso is 52.  They are old but young at heart a very happy couple. Their favourite emoji is 😆.

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