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{ Calum POV }

Me: is it possible to like someone more than the person you date?

Jonathan: dude no one is better than Megan

Jonathan: Plus Megan got cake

Me: how bout this girl

Me: -new picture message-

Jonathan: damn that's a babe magnet

Me: her name is Aqua

Jonathan: is that the girl you like?

Me: psh no

Me: yes :/

Jonathan: I think I seen her around this girl name Leah

Me: I know -.-

Jonathan: well have you told her

Me: nah she likes this other guy plus I'm a bad person I don't want to ruin her

Jonathan: came in like a wrecking ball head ahh

Me: shut up

Jonathan: aye you know Branson is throwing a party

Me: when?

Jonathan: Friday night

Me: is it at his house like last time

Jonathan: nah the lake house he told me that he's having a bartender there this time

Me: iight I guess I'll tell Morgan about it

Jonathan: I'm bringing Haley

Me: the girl with the fake boobs and big ass

Jonathan: no -.- Haley Matthews

Me: oh.

{ Aqua POV }

Branson: its Sunday haha :)

Me: I'm glad we are on thanksgiving break

Branson: don't forget my party Friday night

Me: geez I won't

Branson: want me to pick you up

Me: nah Leah is the designated driver

Branson: oh

Branson: just dont bring another guy with you

Me: o_O I'm not even yours yet

Branson: keyword babe yet

Branson: so remember dont bring another guy

Me: ok

Branson: promise?

Me: promise

{ Calum POV }

Group chat with Branson, Jonathan, Haley, Morgan.

Branson: Aye are we gonna do something tonight

Me: like?

Branson: I don't know club?

♥Morgan♥: that's too mainstream bruh

Jonathan: how bout strip club ???

Haley: Anywhere but pink pony south

Branson: why?

♥Morgan♥: cause she work there duh

Jonathan: Haley why haven't you told me

Haley: cause I'm trying to pay for college

Jonathan: are you having sex with them?

Haley: no -.-

Jonathan: Am I better

Haley: too small

Me: damn shots fired

Jonathan: but she comes back for more so I ain't worried

Branson: see as soon as my girl says yes to be my girlfriend we might fuck that same day cause I got the date planned out

♥Morgan♥: are you using the idea I gave you

Branson: yes but I tweaked it

Jonathan: eww relationship

Me: smash and pass

Jonathan: that must've didn't apply to you and Morgan

Me: oh okay

Haley: imma shower bye

Jonathan: take me with you boo

Branson: yeah imma go text bae

♥Morgan♥: Calum come over

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