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"Hey, got here as fast as I could," I said as I stepped into Sebastian's office.

When I looked up from my phone I saw Sebastian standing behind his desk hovering over some dude who was typing erratically and a couple of police officers were searching through his things. "Let's talk in your office."

I nodded and followed him through the door. He shut it before giving me an extremely dangerous look. "Who did you tell?"

"Who did I tell what?" I asked out of confusion. "Who did you tell about 647?" He asked quietly.

"647? You mean that thing you and Javier were talking about that other day?" I asked. "Don't play fucking dumb Nyla. Who are you working for?" He asked as he turned to go through my desk.

"I know you did buy it, but could you not do that?"

He slammed the drawer shut roughly making me jump and started coming towards me. "Everything okay in here?" An officer popped his head in and Sebastian put a fake smile on his face. "Yes, I shut the drawer too roughly trying to get it to close." He lied.

The officer's eyes flickered to mine and waited for me to confirm his statement. I just nodded with a soft smile. "It keeps getting stuck and sometimes it slams too loud."

"Alright, we'll be right in there." The officer said before closing the door.

Sebastian's expression quickly changed as he continued to approach me. The look on his face was frightening so I couldn't help but back away as he stalked towards me. He kept coming until I was backed against the wall and he was so close I could feel the warmth radiating from his body.

"Those cops in there aren't going to be able to save you if you don't tell me who the fuck you told about agent 647." He threatened lowly. He placed his hands on the wall behind me on both sides of my head.

I was full-on horrified at this point. "I-I don't know what you're talking about. I don't even know what agent 647 is."

"I will sue you out of everything you have. Everything your family has. I can't hurt you here, but I can hurt you."

My eyes widened and I began to try to get away from him. "Hel-" before I could finish screaming for help he covered my mouth forcefully. What the fuck did I get myself into. Javier said this man was dangerous! "Just tell the truth and we won't have to resort to violence."

He uncovered my mouth slowly and I gulped. "I didn't-I didn't tell anyone about your weird case. I didn't even know what you were talking about. I swear!"

He looked me in my fear-ridden eyes while I stared into his cold blue ones. He backed away from me and my hand instinctively went to my neck. "If it wasn't you, then who?" He mumbled.

"What happened?"

"Someone used our network and software to release information about a very important and very illegal asset. They did it from your laptop. So if you say it wasn't you, who did it?"

"The only person that has been around my work laptop or iPad in the past couple of weeks was..." I stopped talking as I realized just who it was. "...Javier."

When his name left my mouth things started to fall into place in my mind. Useful. The word I had seen besides my name becoming more relevant. Had he used me to get to Sebastian? Did he risk my job and possibly my life if Sebastian didn't believe it wasn't me?

I couldn't stop myself from saying, "Please don't hurt him."

"I didn't say I was going to."

"But you're thinking about it. So please, please don't hurt him. Let me at least talk to him and see if he did it." I bargained. "Of course he did Nyla. Who else could've done it? You said it yourself he's the only other person who's had access to your work laptop and the only person I know who would be able to hack my system this well."

I sighed heavily and went to take a seat on the couch. Sebastian sat in front of me on the coffee table and looked at me intensely. "I'm gonna go back in there and talk to the officers, but you...you're going to sit here and use your computer science skills." He said.

He walked over to the bookshelf and felt around before pressing a button that opened it up. "What. The. Fuck."

He opened it further to reveal what looked to be a panic room. "When you get in there, I want you to work through the system. The files look like they came from us. Fix it." He ordered.

When he saw that I hadn't made a move, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hidden room. He shoots the door and I took a look around. "I can't wait to quit."

I hurried over to the computer desk and did what I was asked. It was clear I didn't know who my boss really was and I wasn't about to get myself into any more trouble.

When I finished I took some time to figure out how to get out of the panic room since there wasn't a doorknob. I found a small button underneath the table and when I pressed it, the door opened. I almost cried from relief as I hurriedly exited.

After shutting the door behind myself, I went back over to Sebastian's office hoping the police would be gone so I could quit. Luckily for me, they were gone and he looked rather content. "Good work." He commended.

"I quit," I said firmly. He only chuckled and shook his head. "Sorry, not possible."

"What do you mean not possible. I'm not about to keep working here!"

"Yes, you are. You know a little too much, so your only options are to continue working for me and being shown what else really goes on around here or...I kill you."

I damn near choked off my spit but he laughed like it was the funniest shit he had ever heard. "That's not fucking funny! Are you serious right now?"

He regained his composure and nodded. "I'm dead serious. I can't let you quit now. It won't end up good for you. It's better if I can keep you at arm's length." He shrugged.

I sighed heavily and rubbed at my tired eyes. "Can I at least get a raise?"

"Even better, I'm putting you in charge of the IT department. You're still my assistant though. You just have more duties."

"Can I Just-Can I go Now?"

"Yeah, you can go. But look into this with your boyfriend. Get it sorted out so I don't have to. My way of resolving issues like these is usually with bullets."

A/n Hi lovelies❤️ just a disclaimer, the next two chapters are gonna be dramatic asf.

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