the aftermath

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Sal P.O.V 

UnicornMann fell to the ground with a thud, blooding coming out from his eye. "UNICORN!?!?" We all screamed rushing over to him and picking his bloody corpse of the ground, "Sloth squad retreat for now! We have to save Unicorn!" Ley screamed at us, I raised up from beside UnicornMann and Charged at Angel and Tony. I used my arm to take down Tony, it hit him directly In the face. Angel grabbed my arm and wrestled me, this was the one time I had enough strength to defend my friends from these Monsters. I kicked Angel in the stomach and as she leaned down clenching her stomach and pushed her over, she tumbled to the floor. Kat ran over to Angel and Tony's side, she had started to cry seeing what had happened to her friends and how much power I truly had inside my heart. The knife squad and Sloth squad gawked at my true power knowing that when I'm upset I am truly a monster, "Please! Sal stop it! This isn't right?!" Kat begged me, I lifted Kat by her sweater and The anger had finally boiled to the Limit. "YOU THINK WHAT YOU DID TO UNICORNMANN AND SABRE WAS OK?! THEY COULD DIE!!!" I screamed at her, Kat flinched and started crying more. I dropped her to the ground and ran back over to the other and started to help carry UnicornMann down the stairs back to the basement, we had to hurry before it was to late.

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