Chapter 2

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Students suddenly enter the classroom and it feels less awkward now, even though I'm scowling at the teacher.
He stands up and looks at everyone.

"Hello," The teacher begins. "I'm your new Math teacher, and you shall call me Mr.Styles."

Gasps and laughs are heard.
"Aren't you too young to teach us?"
Sandy, the obnoxious blonde, says.

"He's cute!" I hear girls whispering.

Mr.Styles looks at them and winks, making the girls giggle like 5th graders.

I laugh and I look at Niall, he was smiling.
Mr.Styles stops looking around and his eyes were locked on mine.

"Amused, anonymous girl?"
He says loud enough for only Niall and I to hear him.

"Yes, and my name is Jennie." I scowl at him.

"Okay, Jennie."
He smirked, emphasizing the word 'Jennie'.

"Let us study now, for reals."
Mr.Styles says when everyone was calmed down.

"Let us study now!" Sandy imitates his accent, like I did, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone laughed, even Mr.Styles, except me of course.

What? Why doesn't he yell at her or give her detention like he did for me?

We study actual maths for a while, and I hate to admit it but he's actually one of the smartest teachers I know, but he hides it with his 'cool guy look'.

After the bell rings, I went to talk to Mr.Styles, and everyone had left of course.

"Mr.Styles?" I say, annoyed.

"What do you need, Jennifer?"
He answered, looking impatient.
How does he know my full name?

It's probably written on the attendance sheet.

"Why didn't you give Sandy detention for mocking you, yet for me you did?" I ask. Does he have a crush on her or something?

Suddenly he looks in my eyes, and that's when I notice how green they are. He looks surprised or.. nervous?

"Because I'm not really interested in them."
He answers casually, looking away from my gaze.

"What do you mean?" I ask, shocked.

"Don't get too excited Jennie, it's not like I want to spend time with you."
He rudely remarks.

"Fine but don't expect to see me in detention." I smirk and begin walking away.

He laughed. "You're gonna be sitting here, even if I have to pick you up from your house myself."

I stood, speechless.
"We'll see, Mr. Styles." I said after a while, and walk towards the door.


The other classes went by really slow. Most of my teachers are the same teachers as last year, and all at least forty years old, making Mr.Styles unique.

"Jen, wanna go have lunch or something?" Niall asks with a small smile.

"I'd love to, but.. I kinda have detention." I roll my eyes at the thought.

"Woah, you have detention? The Jennifer Orrectung has detention?!" He asks, surprised making me giggle.

"Yes, yes."

"Who gave you detention then?" He widens his eyes.

"I did." A husky voice is heard from behind me.

I look to find Mr. Styles, an annoyed look on his face. "Now come, you're late." He rolls his eyes and gestures for me to follow him.

"Help." I whisper to Niall and he laughs, whispering back; "Can't really do anything."

I sigh and start walking behind Mr.Styles, hoping we won't talk inside at all.

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