Chapter 5

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The Statue

I woke up from Yang licking my cheek. That weird urge to go in the forest came back out of the blue again and so I took him in my hands and went through my bedroom door. As I got downstairs I looked at the clock, showing 23:41. I hesitated to go in the forest in the middle of the night with no flashlight. But...I really wanted to. I felt like something was mentally pushing me to go.

"Here goes nothing." I said as I exited the Mystery Shack.

I was wondering in the pitch black for half an hour now, and I was, most probably, lost. I was following a never existing path, feeling like I was getting closer to God knows what. Then I came to a stop, seeing a weird looking stone. I got closer to it, as my feeling – stronger.

I suddenly jumped back from realization, which caused me to lose my balance, fall on the ground, hitting my head on something.


I woke up from the sun shining right in my closed eyes. I opened them, looking around, seeing I was still dreaming, leaning on a tree which I'm guessing was the thing that knocked me out. "I probably need to hurry and wake up soon." I mumbled, letting out loud and tired sigh. I took Yang off my legs, careful not to wake him up and again went to the stone. 

"So you ended up like this, huh?" I chuckled, looking right at Bill Cipher's eye, now made out of stone. I put the Bunny down, next to the statue as I tried concentrating and thinking of how I wanted to wake up. I noticed my feet started to desappear and it was gradually going up my legs, my torso, my arms and finally I woke up.

It actually worked.

I stood up from my bed and got ready for school.

1 month skip due to my lazy ass

I'm still having those dreams. Four or five times a week, I would feel that urge to go back to Bill. But I just have to ignore it for 10 minutes or so and it stops. I still don't know what it is that I feel for that statue, but I don't want to go back to find out.

I haven't heard anything like that weird voice after my fighting....accident. (Yeah let's call it that) Probably because since then I didn't have anymore 'accidents'.

I was bullied every year in and out of School, but after what happened in the library, no one tried anything against me. I actually went to that boy multiple times after the first day of school and asked him if he wanted to be friends.

Every time when I got close to him, he changed the direction he was heading to or just stayed silent looking at the floor. One month passed like that and I was well fed up with that bullshit.

I went to his locker after the last bell and waited for him to show up. He saw me just standing there and went running the way he came from. I run after him and grabbed him for the arm. He stopped and stayed silent again. I went before him and crouched down so I could make an eye contact. He flinched and closed his eyes. I pouted.

"Is that how you're gonna play?" I said under my nose, got up and lifted his chin. He squinted his eyes tighter. I think he was waiting for a punch. But instead of that I...

(Some of you might want to kill me after this)

I tiptoed due to the fact he was taller than me, got closer and kissed him on the cheek.

I don't even know why I did that.

He shot his eyes wide open and looked at me perplexed. We both were blushing. "If you don't want to be friends....will you consider something more??" I officially became gay.

Now I was the one looking at the floor, redder than I have ever been. "So..." He started as I shot my head up, causing him to flinch again. "S-so y-you're not m-mad at me a-anymore?" I smiled. 

"I was never mad. That's why I asked you to be friends at the first place, but you kept avoiding me. So I took bigger measures, heh." I looked away. "Sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable." I added mumbling under my nose. "N-no actually. I liked you since the t-thing in the library. But I thought it will make you feel d-disgusted if I t-told y-you." He looked away still blushing.

I was still processing the information. Then I unconsciously got closer and hugged him. He stayed frozen for a couple of seconds before hugging me back. We parted smiling at each other. Then it hit me like the bus we were about to miss.

"The Bus!" I said suddenly and we went running outside and caught it just on time. When we got in I headed for the back seats as usual and he sat next to me. Everyone was staring at us. He just shrugged it off, but I got really nervous. I didn't like being stared at, so I kept looking at my gorgeous feet.

Then he took my hand, and I tensed, pulling it away. He saw the look on my face and... "What the fuck are you staring at?!" Everyone got startled by his sudden outburst and turned around. He took my hand again and made me lean on his shoulder. I bet everyone knows what's going on now. But nonetheless, I drifted to sleep with a smile on my face.

(The boy's name is Aiden)

To be continued...

To be continued

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Publish date: 2 March 2020

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