An Invitation

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You have been invited

To go somewhere far away from here

It's normal to still not have decided

But you won't have another year

We know it may be overwhelming

But you don't really have a choice

For a while it has been coming

It's your last chance for someone to hear your voice

Don't bring a plus one

Everyone has been invited

Act like a man

Your cries should've already been muted

If you come you'll be asked to sign a contract

Stating that you've been informed

That this is gonna be your last act

And you're very well involved,

That you fully understand

What this celebration is about

And that you're not going to pretend

To not know your way around

Because if you decide to sign it

This is what you're gonna end with

And you can't go wrong with it

It will be your certain death

Come, betray your fears

Reveal your lies

Forgive your peers

And end your fights

Share your secrets

Say your wishes

The sky is where we're gonna meet

The land is where we say goodbye

And everyone is gonna listen

Because we all have been invited

To the death of every thing we know

To the celebration that's been underrated

To our very last show

To the showdown of the resistance

To the End of this existence

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