Secret visits

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When I came out of the garden, my mind was so chaotic from all the different questions that kept popping up regarding Nefertari being the lady Kasa from Hattusa. I wanted to confront her then and there , but I realized that I needed to plan it strategically because I knew that the confrontation is going to affect my life completely and that probably I will lose the love of my life.

I reluctantly walked to my room to ensure that she would not suspect anything. She walked up to me and helped me get out of my Royal robe and my head gear. I smiled and told her that I needed to sleep early, as I have a lot of work tomorrow. I was scheduled to visit the Temple of Horus and that I needed to attend a few meetings outside the palace as well. I made my way to the bedroom and pretended to fall asleep. I couldn't sleep at all, as the voice of the courtiers kept echoing in my mind, accusing me of being used by a pawn from our enemies. As much as I didn't want to suspect Nefertari, I could not turn a blind eye to the piling evidence.

I woke up earlier than usual and left the palace to keep up with my schedule. I was present in different meetings but my mind was already occupied with Nefertari. I returned back to the palace in the evening , already worn out for the day. As soon as I entered a servant brought me a message that Mentus is seeking an immediate audience and I knew what this was about. I sent him a message to meet me in my private garden and asked the guards not to let anyone enter, even Nefertari. Mentus knelt before me , giving me another piece of Papyrus.

"What's this , Mentus?"

"Ramses, Queen Nefertari received a secret letter from Hattusa and I took a copy before it was delivered to her. It's a request for a private audience with the Queen but unlike the other letters it wasn't signed by Prince Yali."

"When is the audience requested?"

"It's requested today at midnight at the southern river bank of Nile. The meeting being requested today indicates that the sender is currently in Egypt. We have a Hittite walking the streets, Ramses. What do you want me to do about it?"

"Ignore the Hittite for the moment and if it is Prince Yali , we cannot capture him like some cowards. If I am to kill him it will be on the battle field not on a silent road in Egypt. It would be a disgrace for my name. Currently we will focus on Nefertari and follow her at night. I want to capture her right in the act , Mentus. "

I looked at him for a while before saying "You know how much I love her, right? Even with the possibility of betrayal at sight, I still can't hate her. I want you by my side when I confront her. Help me hide my vulnerability in front of her."

"Yes Ramses. I will be with you during this tough phase."

"I want you to take a message to Nefertari, that I will be busy night long, with overseeing the plans of the new pyramid construction. Tell her I will make it up to her tomorrow."

Mentus looked at me confused. I smiled faintly before saying that "I want her to be able to go out of the palace freely tonight without being bothered by my whereabouts. When she leaves the palace we will silently follow her."


It was late in the evening and Mentus and I got dressed in the uniforms of two night guards and stalked outside the corridor of my room. A little later, Nefertari came out of the room dressed in the uniform of a servant of our quarters. She covered her face with a shawl and paced out of the palace as quietly as she could. From her behavior of turning around constantly, I could sense that she was nervous. I couldn't help but think if she was excited to meet her former lover. She got onto a horse that was prepared beforehand by one of her loyal servants and drove towards the Southern river bank of Nile. We followed from afar , making sure that she doesn't notice us.

Nefertari got down from her horse and walked near the bank of the river. We followed her and hid behind a tree, awaiting the person for the secret meeting. In a while, a man came walking towards Nefertari with a fire torch and pulled her into a tight hug. I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces. However, Nefertari quickly took a step back from his embrace. She removed her shawl and so did he. From the light from the torch, I could clearly see that the man was in fact the Crown prince Yali, of Hattusa that I had met at the battlefield a few years ago. From Nefertari's body movements, I could  tell that she was disturbed by whatever that they were discussing. All of a sudden, the man pulled Nefertari towards him and kissed her on her lips before leaping onto the horse that she brought and riding away into the dark lanes of Egypt. Nefertari dropped onto her knees near the torch light , looking at the direction that Yali went away.

I have never felt this heartbroken and angry in my whole life. I saw another person hug and kiss the only woman that I have ever loved. It's even worse, as it is my arch enemy Yali. The fact that hurts me the most is that Nefertari knew my bitter relationship with Yali . I have spoken about Yali on many occasions with her , but she never told me of her relationship with him. It all fell into place, the courtiers were right. Nefertari must have entered my life so that she could help Prince Yali to win against Egypt. I hurried towards Nefertari with Mentus following close behind.

" Are you that sad that your lover boy Yali, left you and that you will have to return to me and continue pretending to be in love?" I asked as I neared her. She raised her head and I could see from the torch light that she looked so shocked, like she had seen a ghost. Looking at her shocked expression I could clearly say that she must have never expected to find me here.

I pulled her towards me and whispered in her ear through my gritting teeth " We have a lot to talk about , dear. We should go back to the palace immediately. Don't you agree?"

"Sese, Let me explain I've..."

"Shhhhhhhhh" I kept a finger on her lips and laughed wickedly. "Nefertari, first let's get back to the palace, then I'll explain to you the perfect plan that you hatched together with Yali to defeat me and my kingdom. You will understand how intelligent your husband is. Who knows, you might actually fall in love with me."

Tears rolled down her eyes as I dragged her with me to my horse and rode away to the palace , closely followed by Mentus who had been silent throughout the night. Looks like Nefertari's peaceful days are over. I'll walk her through hell for all that she had done to me. We are over.  


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