New year

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Roddy pov
It was December 31st and I spent the whole day trappin cause I had a lot of customers today. Everybody wanted to be high as fuck for the New Years and I wasn't complaining cause I was making money. I haven't seen Dee the whole day either and I was barely on my phone so I wasn't texting her back and I knew she was most likely mad at me. I didn't really go into detail with her how I made my money and I wasn't going to tell her cause it was none of her business to be honest. I also felt like she was gonna judge me and I didn't want her perspective of me to change either.

Somebody was throwing a lil New Years party at they crib and I decided to go cause it was my last chance to be social before the new year started. I didn't really like being around too much people but since the crew was going I decided to chill out and go too.

I was done trappin for the day so I hopped in my car and FaceTimed my shorty.

"Hey" she said dryly and I just cracked a smile

"Damn shorty you not happy to see me?" I laughed

"I am but you ain't text me back all day. What were you doing?" She questioned

"I was busy"

"Busy doing what? And the least you could have done was send me a text saying you was gon be busy" she said with an attitude.

"Yooo you're really tripping right now" I said getting aggravated.

"How am I tripping? Cause you know damn well you would be blowing up my phone if I ghosted you all day." She told me

"Deee chill the fuck out man I was just handling my business" I said looking in the camera

"What business?" She questioned

"Making money" I told her so she could stop asking me questions

"Oh really so making money how?" She said

"Yo why the fuck you questioning me shorty? What you think I was out cheating or some shit?" I said and she scrunched her face up.

"You see this is what I be talking about and I don't know why you can't just answer the question."

"What you talkin bout? And like I said before it's none of yo concern" I said and she rolled her eyes

"Come outside" I said pulling up to her crib

"K" she said hanging up and it took her a while before she came out.

"You look good shorty" I said as she got in and she just ignored me

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"You look good shorty" I said as she got in and she just ignored me

"I ain't moving till you speak" I said as I stared at her

"Thank you" she mumbled

"I can't hear you speak with yo chest" I said and she groaned

"THANK YOU" she yelled and I laughed driving off

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