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"Perfect fit!"

"Dad, look,"

Alexis walked over and showed me her ear, which had a pink hearing aid in. I was glad she wasn't so upset anymore.

"Very pretty! Can you hear?"

"I can! I can!"

She was still feeling a bit poorly, but had been okayed to come home this afternoon after the appointment.  No school until the wednesday, though.

The doctor showed me how to clean it, charge it, and also spoke about how the school would receive a microphone that her teacher would wear. He told Alexis about not letting people touch it, and keeping it on until bed unless in the shower and bath.

"Does it feel okay?"


"Well that's a relief. It looks great," I said, picked her up, "thankyou,"

"Thankyou," she repeated, "I heard it,"

I chuckled and we left, getting into my car. It was pleasant to have her back in the car, kicking my seat and drawing. Clearly, she was getting tired, but it didn't stop her.

"Dad, what's for tea?"



"If the hearing aid gets uncomfy then tell me okay?"


We got home and were surprised by all the boys, and a banner saying welcome home. She giggled and hid in my neck, her cheeks going red.

"I can hear again,"

"Lets see," Luke smiled, "beautiful!"

"I chose pink,"

"What a good choice," Ashton said, "we thought we'd join you for the night, is that okay?"

She nodded and I put her down, letting her hug the legs of the boys. She played with her dolls while we all made homemade soup together, plenty of laughter filling the air.

I felt relief again. I felt content again. I felt safe.

Alexis enjoyed it when we ate, and ate more than she had all week. I wiped her mouth and she purposely got messier- the cheek was back and I was more than happy. Ecstatic.

I'd struggled for the past few weeks, but things were settling again.

We sat on the sofa and stuck on a barbie film, which her and Ash watched while the rest of us spoke. She'd not seen him much, so it was nice.

"Bedtime for you I think," I said, watching as she yawned. She nodded and reached up, letting me picked her up.

"Goodnight everyone,"

"Night night," she said, getting a chorus of it back. I took her up and started running her bath, brushing her teeth for her. I also brushed mine.

Gently, I took her hearing aid out and put it on charge, then put her in the bath and helped wash her. She wasn't in there long as I wanted her to sleep.

I dried her hair with a towel and got her into fresh pyjamas, then climbed into bed and tucked her in.

"Even without mummy, you are the best dad. You are always kind and always right,"

"What was I right about ?"

"Dad, your song was right. It says it will get better, and I did,"

"Well that's good then,"

"Sing it to me,"

"Promise me you'll sleep?"

"Promise, dad. I will always try to be good, ane funny,"

"I see,"

"Please sing,"

I did, quietly, tracing patterns on her arm. I was sure she was asleep, until she joined in on the last line.

"You know it's gonna get better,"

the end

I hope you enjoyed this book! I didn't think intend it to be so sad oops.

Thankyou for all the comments and votes, I will hopefully be back soon!

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