You Got A Sword!

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A/N: Some people were asking what Grimm Y/N looks like so I figured I'd say it here. It's just the same form as he was in back when he turned into one several chapters back. The best way I could think to explain it would be think of an Ursa Major, but increase its size and add more cat like appendages on it. Claws and cat like legs as well. It's pretty much just one giant demonic hellcat.


"Oh yeah...I'm back baby!" Y/N said with renewed vigor and a grin plastered on his face. The feeling of his flames around him made his body feel like it was on cloud nine as he finally found a balance between the two dominant elements in his system. He felt like he had gotten a major power boost as Sienna just looked up with widened eyes.

"Im-Impossible...your powers were sealed by Lady Salem herself!" Sienna said as her own energy was whirling about. Y/N didn't even give her a time to react before he was on her in an instant with a big boot. He connected with Sienna's chest as she spat out black blood before soaring backwards into another building. Y/N cracked his knuckles and let his powers swirl around him as they died down. He kept electricity on his right hand while flames on his other. Blowing a puff of smoke out of his mouth, he grinned before raising his fist and motioning for her to come at him. Sienna growled out in response as Y/N just grinned stupidly.

"Bring it bitch."

Sienna rushed him and expected him to explode with energy in front of her, but she was sorely mistaken as when she slashed him with her sword he merely phased in and out of it as his body disintegrated into flames and reappeared every time she swung her sword.

"Stop moving!" Sienna roared as Y/N just grinned.

"Oh it feels good to be OP again..." Y/N grinned as he dodged a huge overhead swing by Sienna. She got her sword stuck in the ground as Y/N was off to her side and leaned on her shoulder with a casual grin. "So, me and you never did get on with that date. You bought fancy lingerie and everything yet you still only want to kill me? I'd say that's pretty messed up, but I've already broken the cardinal rule of never stick your dick in crazy so...that's kind of hot. Y'know I-WOAH!"

Y/N back flipped out of the way as Sienna exploded with dark energy. She fire multiple blasts of it at Y/N who just swatted it away or dodged it slyly.

"You know who's awesome? Me." Y/N said as Sienna roared in anger.


Y/N dodged her attack and kicked her in the side as Sienna fumbled.


Y/N fired a bolt of flaming electricity into her stomach as Sienna coughed up more black blood and was sent backwards. Y/N tackled her to the ground and began punching her in the face as she grew her Grimm claws out again and stabbed him in the sides.


Y/N phased through them as his blood splashed on her. Sienna wiped it off before getting back up and rushing him again with a humongous wave of energy that made Y/N tremble. He just smirked and blew her a kiss before phasing right behind her as she collided with the ground, causing a massive mini nuclear explosion.


"Sorry toots, but that ain't my forte." Y/N said before narrowing his eyes and getting serious. "I got too much to live for nowadays!"

"Bastard!" Sienna roared as Y/N began to attack her with a flurry of fire punches. Her clothes were beginning to burn off as burns and cuts were appearing all over her body. It seemed like her body stopped healing itself from the massive damage Y/N was doing to her. With the death of the three worms, she also lost a constant supply of negative energy. Sienna wobbly stood up with her body steaming as she breathed heavily. " are you this powerful after only receiving your powers back?"

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