Cp.4 The perfect date

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Çãråmël's P.O.V

"I can't believe it's already Saturday. I knew I prayed that the days went fast so I can go on my date but damn I'm nervous right now. Çåñdy, shårï and Kelly already got me a crop top and a half waist shorts with a sweater to wear". Weirdo's.

They really are the best of friends

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They really are the best of friends . As for çåñdy the lonely chicken, we're gonna get her a boyfriend. I know she said she wanted to be a lone Wolf but I'll feel really bad if we all have somebody to talk to each other about and she'll just listen but I know she feels hurt inside so I'm gonna play Cupid. She likes this boy,his name is Tristan and he's 5'4 feet,has grey eyes and is super cute. So by next week she's gonna have a boyfriend. Ok back to my date, Ben said he's going to pick me up by 5 and now it's 4 so I have 1 hour to get ready.

As I finish my makeup and hair I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly went downstairs because I know my mom is nosy. Last time I was asked to prom and my date came she gave the poor boy a pep talk, he was so terrified he said it was ok I can go to prom with somebody else and from that day on Everytime he sees me he went a different way and avoid me so that's why I have to beat my mom to the door,BUT I was too late. She was there standing, questioning poor Ben. The boy literally look happy and relieved when he saw me like I was his life. I quickly walked towards them and Ben asked if I was ready and I instantly said yes. On my way out my mom whisper in my ears "he's cute",I just roll my eyes and went outside. Ben family is Rich so he drives a Benz. He opened the car door for me and I said "what a gentleman",he only blush and scratch his head back.

We drive in silence the whole time until he chose to break it. He said my mom was "COOL." Like really. Of all the words in the world,COOL. I stared at him with a shock expression on my face. He must have noticed because he look at me then stared At the road and said"what". "I said of all the words you chose cool. "He said it was because of the compliments and the things she said. I asked him what she said and he was just saying ummm and scratching his head. I just roll my eyes and stare out the window.

Just as I was about to say are we there yet, the car stoped. I opened the car door and studied my surrounding. Ben live in a god damn mansion. Ben cleared his throat and said"are you coming to or you going to stand there". I suddenly snapped out of my daydream at the sound of his voice and walk up to the door. He opened it and said"your Majesty ",I roll my eyes and and enter the house. It looked like heaven. The sealing has star pattern. I was literally drooling. Ben cocked a eyebrow at me and I came back to reality. We entered the living room. I saw a Little boy that look like Ben, maybe he's Ben brother. I turned to Ben and said"you didn't tell me you had a little brother". He chuckled and replied"we met like a week ago,why should I tell you everything". I felt a little hurt by what he said but didn't say anything.

After a tour of the whole house we decided to study. Ben told me where his room was and said he's going to get something for us to eat. I entered Ben's room and it was enormous and beautiful. Yes enormous, the boy room is literally twice mine. TWICE. I walk around the room and look at the photos of him. He was cute when he was little and I don't know where that cute face went but....Yeah. I'm not saying he's not cute now it's just that he was super cute when he was smaller and now he's cute. Suddenly I heard someone cleared their throat and I turned around to see Ben smirking. He walked up to me and asked if I like what I see. I just roll my eyes and said "yes but maybe you should have kept your younger face, you would've look better". Ben rolled his eyes and put down the snacks he went for. He sat on his bed and patted the space next to him, signaling me to come and sit. I went to sit beside him but he pulled me into his lap and whispered in my ears"why are you acting like if I bite. I'm not a dog u know. I roll my eyes and got up off his lap and sat beside him on the bed. He said he was going for the books and I should eat something. He left and I just stare at the snacks and drinks he bought. I wasn't hungry so I just took a Twinkie. Ben came back just as I took the last bite of my chocolate. I ask him where the bathroom is and he said I should go straight then turn right. I followed the directions he told me and finally found the bathroom. Just as I was about to pull the bathroom door it opened and there I was standing in front of the devil itself. He started at me and then ask why I was here. I told him it was none of his business and just turn on my heel to left. He grabbed my hand and ask "are you dating my brother". I sigh and said"he only ask me to study, what's your problem. Don't you have a girlfriend to pamper". He stared at me then let go of my hands and said"so you chose my twin over me". I cocked my eyebrows at him and said"I didn't choose your brother over you, it's just that you're ungrateful". And with those last words I left.

It was getting late so Ben dicided to give me a ride home. I didn't have to tell him where I live because even when he said he was going to pick me up by 5,I didn't tell him my address. Sometimes I wonder if he's a stalker,a cute stalker. We drive in silence the whole time. When we finally reached my house,Ben pulled over. He said that if I could come over his house next week and I said"sure why not". Ben opened his car door and came around my side of the car and open the door. Step out and give Ben a quick hug and guess what,yes he kissed me. It happened so quick that it was about 5 seconds. I pulled away and we told our goodbyes and he left.

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