Chapter 2

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Well...this is where all the fun starts! :) please tell me what you think!!!

“Up all night like this, all night, HEY!” Steph and I sing as we slip on our jeans, mine are skinny red ones, hers are black. Then we slip on the tops I had painted the night before, with I ♥ 1D on them, her top was black and mine was white.

“These are so adorable!” Steph gasps as I pull out the two pairs of suspenders I’d brought back in Dunedin, I hand her the red ones and begin to put the black ones on myself.

“And now for the final touch!” laughs Steph, slipping into her red converse and chucking me a pair of white ones.

Yup we looked like twins, and you could sorta guess who we were going as. We’d planned our outfit a few weeks ago and Steph had agreed to dress like Louis with me even though the one she loved was Niall.

We loved them all though, so she didn’t exactly mind.

Good little directioners we are!

“Now for makeup!” I shout, because makeup is my forte!

We rush into the bathroom and I apply a light foundation to mine and Steph’s faces then I do our eyes in grey’s and silvers with a little hint of red in the corner, finishing the look with a dash of lippy.

We didn’t want to look too made up, but we wanted to look nice because we were in the front row.

Now for the hair, Steph quickly ties her chocolate brown hair in a top knot, and I tie my dirty blonde locks back into a simple pony tail, letting a few strands hang loose.

“You girls ready? We need to go now if we don’t want to get stuck in traffic!” Steph’s mum shouts up the stairs at us.

“Ok final check.” Steph instructs and we look through our bags.

“Camera, check. Phone, check. Lip gloss, check. Money, check. Tickets, check.Poster, check” we say, going through our bags, once we are done we throw our bags over our shoulders and dash down the stairs and out to the car.

“One Direction here we come!” Steph yells as we hop in the car, I giggle, this night is only going to get better.

“Oh, look Aria! They light up all these different colours! We have got to buy them!” Steph says pointing to a merch stand that is selling massive glow sticks, yup, even though we have our own small ones, the big ones are a must for concert memorabilia and air waving.

“Two please.” Steph says to the guys selling the stuff, handing over a twenty dollar note, yup merch can be a rip off, but oh well.

We’d gotten here five minutes ago and we we’re getting a piece of merch before joining the long line to get into the arena.

The good thing about this concert was that it wasn’t a first in first served thing here, well it was when you were buying the tickets online, but we somehow managed to get upgraded. But the cool thing was that you could be at the back of the line and still have front row seats. Steph and I were about in the middle of our line (There were two) and we were waving our sing in the air like the crazy directioners we are.

“Hey there birthday girl!” someone whispers in my ear, prodding my shoulder, which makes me jump in the air in fright.

“Shoot! You guys scared me!” I laugh as Jordy and Becca come to stand with Steph and I.

“You guys look great!” laughs Jordy, looking at out matching outfits.

“So do you!” I laugh, they were both in skinny jeans and varsity jackets.

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