hey it me!

welcome to the first spinoff of misfits.
since i've been on major writer's block for good ol' misfits i thought i'd give you guys the stories of other characters in this book.

and this is luke and cierra's story.


vicky and calum will also be in this story a lot bc this story will continue on (in time) after the ending of misfits so youll get a bunch of stuff about them that wasnt in misfits!!!! my Children

also; this is based off the song you are in love by taylor swift obv because its the TITLE. i HIGHL y suggest u listen to this song, even if u dont like tswift because its amazing. one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard and thats saying something ok itS SO GOOD I LOVE MY MOM

JUST LISTEN TO IT AND CRY BC ITS BEAUTIFUL and youll get a better understanding of this story as well ;D

also also the first chap of this story (not really, more of an introduction) is lowercase intended, but the rest of the story wont be like that! i wrote it in lowercase bc i wasnt sure what i was doing at first....,. but then i ended up liking it a lot so yeah! didnt feel like capitilizing things!!!

i already have a lot of chapters written so let's start this crazy ride once again... :D

i hope you like this as much as i do.

(btw, i was planning to start writing this like AFTER misfits was finished but i couldn't help myself)

also you dont have to read misfits first to read this book!!!

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