FAQ - Stars Program

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1) What is Wattpad Stars?

Wattpad Stars is a community of Wattpadders who represent the most influential and aspirational writers on the platform.

2) What does it mean to be a Wattpad Star?

Being a Wattpad Star means that you are one of Wattpad's best and brightest. Your promising talent and exemplary community engagement have shown us that you're someone who takes their time on Wattpad seriously, and we want to return the love that you've shown us.

3) What are the requirements for becoming a Wattpad Star?

Stars are selected based on several factors:

Activity: how often you publish content

Engagement: how often and in which ways you interact with the community

Talent: the quality and originality of your writing

Uniqueness: your personal brand

If you've been selected to become a Star, it's because you are someone who we believe shows talent with their writing contributions and is a stellar community member.

4) Why should I want to join the Wattpad Stars?

We like to view being a Star as a very exciting milestone in your Wattpad journey. Our goal is to make becoming a Star a beneficial and rewarding experience. We believe this will be the first of many steps towards realizing your creative dreams.

5) How does being a Star help writers?

When you become a Star, you gain access to many perks to help benefit you on your writing journey.

- A community of fellow Stars, where you can bond over the writer experience and participate in online hangouts.

- Recognition for all your hard work both on and off the Wattpad platform.

- The chance to develop your writing skills by gaining access to resources and other tools.

- Exclusive* consideration for opportunities including our Paid Stories program, Wattpad Books, Wattpad Studios, and Brand Partnerships, as well as opportunities to pitch to our partners.

* Depending on our business needs at any given time, we may consider stories that are not part of the Stars program on a case-by-case basis.

6) Who looks after the Stars?

Since early 2019, the Wattpad Stars have been managed by Wattpad's Content and Creator Development (CCD) department. Currently, the Stars team consists of Samantha Pennington (Director, Creator Development), Tom McGee (Creator Development Manager), Ryan LaPlante (Program Manager) and Irina Pintea (Creator Development Specialist).

7) What kinds of offerings do I get by becoming a Star?

We are happy to offer our Stars the following:

Community: an exclusive section of the Wattpad Community forums where you can bond with your fellow Stars

Recognition: promotion of your work on and off the Wattpad platform and highlighting of your achievements, including on our Wattpad Stars profile

Development: resources and tools to help you better your writing skills. learn to navigate your writer journey, and prepare for a career in writing, including our monthly newsletter

Opportunities: priority consideration for initiatives at Wattpad, including our Paid Stories program, Wattpad Books, and Wattpad Studios, as well as exclusive opportunities to pitch to our partners

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