2 : And they collide!

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Aayat's pov:

And there goes my alarm again! Disturbing my precious sleep. I half open my eyes and off the alarm from my phone and than watch the time. It was 20 minutes past 8 am. WHAT! I so was going to be late today.

I immediately stood up from my bed and ran towards the shower not before taking my clothes from the wardrobe. I chose a black kurti with cream coloured pants and wore them.

I fastly blow-dried my hair and within twenty minutes I got ready as I inserted the last pic to fix my cream coloured hijab.

I rushed down the stairs and saw that my Ammi was already in the kitchen making breakfast. She saw me coming and greeted me with a smile.

"Thank god you are awake. Now do the breakfast. " She said but I replied,

"No Ammi sorry.. pack my breakfast I will do it on the way. I am getting late."

Ammi just shook her head disappointingly at me while I again rushed to upstairs as I had forgotten the book in my room which I had to return to library today.

I kept it in my bag and than ran towards downstairs and than from there towards my car. I saw Bhai and Bhabhi (brother and his wife) getting in the car so I ran towards them.

My stupid brother was lost in the beauty of his wife but my knock on the glass window of his side disturbed him but hey I don't care cause I am already getting late!

"What's your problem Aayat?" He said pouting.

"Actually Bhai I am getting late.. can you please drop me please!"
Umair Bhai huffed but than Aiza Bhabhi said,

"Oh come on Umair drop the act and let her in, come Aayat."

I smirked at Umair Bhai and sat in the back seat and kept munching on the breakfast while I saw the couple Infront of me talking sweetly to each other. Mashaallah they were cute.!

Thankfully I reached the college at time and ran towards the inside while I heard Umair Bhai saying,

"Allah Hafiz and go carefully Aayat."

I smiled at him. No matter how much he pranks me I know that he loves me very much.

I went inside the class and saw my classmates in a very serious mood. Than I realized that it was because today we were having the Vivas!

To say I wasn't nervous would be lie. But I wasn't afraid of it at the same time. I saw Humaira sitting on the second last bench and I went towards her and sat beside her.

"Aayat, have you prepared for the viva?" Humaira asked to me to which I nodded.

"Oh I am so dead Aayat! I haven't prepared for it at all.. " Humaira said while I just patted on her shoulder and said,

"Don't worry humi you will do good!"

She gave me a weak smile. She was really nervous. I saw towards Naiza and Soniya who were also doing revision sitting in the other row. They were so engrossed that they didn't even realised I was here.

The Professor. Rahman entered in the class and we all stood up and greeted us. Soon after he came he started taking the viva and before I realized it was my turn for the viva.

"Ms. Aayat Sayeed, so tell me what is Justice in your view?"

I took a deep breath and than started giving the answer,

" Justice is the birth right of not a citizen but a human being. Justice is the most important principle of life. Being just is the greatest quality of a good citizen. As a lawyer the importance of justice is above everything. Justice is when the innocent is given his right even when he is weak Infront of the powerful people. Justice is when the person gets what he deserves without any ignorance. Justice is giving the freedom to the people to stand for themselves. Justice is the insurance of security that is guaranteed by the constitution to each of the person who stand for themselves and fight!"

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