Chapter 13~Guilty Minho

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Jisung was curious why Minho still didn't went to school, he was confused, usually Minho would go to school almost everyday. Did something happened?

Of course he shouldn't be worried around Minho since he almost injured him at Chan's house, but Jisung was uncomfortable, it felt like he misses Minho.

Jisung got those thoughts away and laid his head on his desk "Such a abnormal morning..." Jisung said to himself, because not only because Minho was gone, but also Chan and Felix were saying 'Aussie' infinite times now.

Jisung just put his headset on and listened to some music.

No matter who comes
No I don't care
No matter what wave crashes over me
Because I have you
You make me breathe
You make everything bright
I believe in you, wherever you are
You are like the sun to me, the one and only

Jisung was listening to No Air by THE BOYZ and when he heard 'The one and only' he felt emotional, because he was thinking about Minho that time.

He was confused, he cried because he was stress about this feeling of 'Missing Minho' Chan noticed that Jisung was crying, he went up to him and comforted him "Hey, what's wrong?" Chan asked and Jisung didn't say anything, Chan checked his phone and saw that he was listening to No Air.

"Are you crying because you're listening to No Air, or something else?" Chan asked confusely, and Jisung just pushed him "Oh...I'm sorry...its just...I'm confused and stressed..." Jisung said and Chan just left.

Felix went up to him, and stared at him "So..." Felix said thinking maybe Jisung would talk but he didn't.

Felix tried to do something funny by dancing some Fortnite Dances really really fast, until Felix accidentally slipped which made Jisung giggle.

Felix's butt hurt, but it was worth it, at least Jisung was okay.

Felix sat beside Jisung and asked him "So, why are you confused and stress?"

Lee FelixFrom Australia same as Chan, Boyfriend: Seo Changbin, loves Fortnite dances, has freckles(but no one sees it, also he wasn't born with freckles), same group as Minho, one of Minho's friends, Gamer

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Lee Felix
From Australia same as Chan, Boyfriend: Seo Changbin, loves Fortnite dances, has freckles(but no one sees it, also he wasn't born with freckles), same group as Minho, one of Minho's friends, Gamer.

Jisung was shocked at how curious Felix was, and this is the weird part of him, he is in the same team as Minho 'The Dance Line' which is just called '2LeeHwang' (I made that up)

"Nothing, it's just Minho...i guess..." Jisung said wiping his tears that was left on his eyes, Felix was shocked, but continued to ask him more questions.

He thinks he knows why Jisung is actually all strange, unlike last year nor the first day of school.

"There's this weird feeling, like I'm uncomfortable without Minho...a feeling like I miss him? How can I miss my enemy?" Jisung asked and Felix finally got his answer.

"You're in love with Minho"

Jisung was shocked at what Felix said, Jisung couldn't believe at what he said "Stop making up those things, I will never like that Minho kid even one bit" Jisung said and looked away at Felix.

"You'll regret what you said, you'll believe me after missing Minho even more" Felix said and left Jisung to go find Changbin probably.

Jisung looked back at what Felix said, which confused him even more.

"I'm in love with Minho?"

Minho on the other hand.

Minho couldn't get himself to go to school, you know after the stair incident.

He felt guilty that he couldn't get himself to get up and he wishes to sleep forever inside his bed and forget about what he did. He regretted everything he did to Jisung.

Minho's mom kept cheering him up, but it wouldn't work, he wanted to apologize to Jisung but how? He was nervous around Jisung because of course they're enemies and enemies don't apologize, I mean it depends if they become friends but Minho didn't want to be like the other enemies with Jisung, especially because he likes him.

After a while, at that time school dismissed and without Minho knowing, Chan went inside his room.

"Hey Lee Know knows everything!" Chan said trying to cheer up the guilty boy "Come on Minho, I missed you" Chan said and touched Minho's shoulder.

"Still guilty?" Chan asked and Minho nodded in shame "Do you wanna apologize to him?" Chan asked and Minho also nodded "Alright, you should make a apology letter for him" Chan said and Minho looked to face Chan "Will he accept it?" Minho asked "He's Han Jisung, he accepts almost everything" Chan said "But I'm his enemy..." Minho said quietly "He doesn't think you as a enemy much anymore, he even misses you actually" Chan said, which made Minho's face turn into a O-O face.

"EWWWW!!!" Minho yelled and rolled around his bed "Stop rolling, you'll fall" Chan said and Minho did fell.


"I'll help you make a apology letter, let's go to your desk" Chan said and Minho nodded and went to his desk to work on the letter.

Here I introduced Felix to you all, because Haruto_chan777 asked who is Felix in the story, and I didn't know so this was random. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed. Oh and spoiler, I'm gonna put a love triangle.

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