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❝ it is here in this quiet little town where our story began ❞

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it is here in this quiet little town where our story began

・ 。゚☆

mystic falls high school

MAYA–JANE GILBERT made her way through the school trying to delay going to Tanners class sooner than she had to. She truthfully hated that class like most the students at the school but she doubted they hated it more than her.

He had always hated her since the moment she first entered his class which was probably a horrible mind set for a teacher to have but what could she do about it? "May," she heard someone call her name.

The brunette turned her body stopping in her path seeing Tyler making his way towards her swiftly.

Instantly Maya rolled her eyes turning around ignoring his please for her to stop. After everything he'd done and everything she'd been through she didn't have energy to deal with him.

She broke up with him she was still hurt at the fact that when they broke up he didn't hesitate to go out with Vicki. Plus she wasn't a fool, she knew he was most likely messing with her before they broke up. Their whole relationship people told her he was a player but she always wanted to believe with her things were different, how childish of her?

"May you know I'm faster than you," Tyler called out as he cut her off by running out in front of her.

She glared at him annoyed, "That's debatable and you know it," she reminded him before asking the Lockwood boy, "What do you want Tyler?"

"To ask you something," he answered her simply wearing a friendly smile despite her clear exasperation towards him.

Maya pressed her lips together letting out a sigh before telling him her voice cold and hurrying, "Well ask it quick because I have a class to get to Tyler and I have absolutely no desire to deal with you and your shit right now."

That might've been a historical moment in her life, it was the only time she wanted to be in Tanners class.

The Lockwood boy glanced at her relieved, yet nervous at the same time looking at the slightly younger girl. Since they had broken up Maya was all he thought about no matter what he did, Vicki was a distraction from what he really wanted.

He hated himself for hurting her, he always did, but this time he left her when she needed him most. He shouldn't have let her grieve alone, he should've waited around, been there when she needed someone but instead he let his anger get the best of him.

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