Youre safe- Randy

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High school au. Rye 16 andy 17 Andy's taller

trigger warning: panic attack and attempted sexual assault

~Third person pov~

Andy was walking down the empty hall when he heard it, the sobs. He recognized them though. Although he wasn't sure why.

He walked in the direction of them, turning the corner only to see his friend-and boy he was in love with- shoved against a wall, a hand groping his ass,; sobbing .

He saw red.

"Cobban, fucking let go of him i swear to god-" Andy said before pulling Mikey off of him throwing punch after punch at him until he was knocked out.

(no hate me for making mikey the bad guy m sleepy and gots get up in like six hours)

He turned towards Rye, seeing him shaking, tears rolling down his cheeks. And his thumb in his mouth.

"You're safe now baby. I promise," Andy said softly; reaching down to pick Rye up.

Rye whimpered, still scared.

Andy put him on his hip gently, reaching with one hand to move the hair out of his face.

"You're safe baby i promise." Andy said softly.

-timeskip to andy taking rye to his house right after this-

Andy carried him upstairs, into his(andy's) room.

Laying him on the bed, he pulled out a paci-still in the packaging- and gave it to rye.

"why fovvy has paci?" He asked cutely.

"Because little one, i'm a daddy." Andy said softly.

Rye popped the paci in his mouth; reaching for Andy.

Andy laid down, pulling rye on top of him and started running his fingers through his hair humming softly.

A/N sowwy it short i sleepy

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