Grimm Sienna Gave Us Worms

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Recommended Music:
Childish Killer II - BLAZBLUE
(For Sienna v Y/N)

Purity and Strictly - Under Night In Birth
(Weiss and Velvet vs Sand Worm)

Active Angel LA Vocal - BLAZBLUE
(Neo and Arslan v Sand Worm)
If you're going to listen to any of these tracks, pick this one for Neo and Arslan. Easily the funniest and best time in the whole chapter XD.

Blood Drain - Under Night In Birth
(Summer, Blake, and Ilia vs Sand Worm)

Can you tell I like fighting games? Don't worry, I'll get some variation for the music tracks after this arc. Can't bore you with Persona, Blazblue, and other fighting games for so long. Surprisingly, I actually don't like RWBY's music too much. I like Red Like Roses parts 1 and 2, but that's about it. Anywho! These are the tracks I chose for the fights against the sand worms and Sienna. Feel free to stick with your favorite, swap them around, or just tell me to fuck off and let you read the chapter in peace! Whatever you choose I hope you enjoy the chapter!


"Don't worry Sen...I'll free you." Y/N said as he rushed forward towards Sienna. She met him with as much speed as he thrusted his knife forward while she parried it. The knife slid off her blade with a crackle as sparks flew between them. Sienna pushed him back before kicking him in the gut while Y/N retaliated by grabbing her leg and twisting it so she would fall to the ground. Sienna jabbed her sword into the sand while spinning around with her leg as she used her to heel to kick Y/N right in the cheek as he recoiled. He spit out a tooth before it grew back in his mouth and he cracked his neck.

"And's personal." Y/N narrowed his eyes as rushed her again using more force this time. He used his knife to collide with her blade before he used the moment to pull out his hand cannon. He jabbed it into her stomach as her eyes widened before he blew multiple holes into her gut. The bullets ripped through her as Sienna was sent flying backwards. She landed in the sand as Y/N took a deep breath and reloaded his hand cannon while tossing the knife away. "Well, that was eas-"

Y/N felt himself get hit with the equivalent to a train ramming straight into him at Mach speed. He went flying backwards as he shook his dizzy head to see Sienna with two giant Grimm claws and the holes in her stomach healing themselves.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." Y/N groaned as he got up quickly as Sienna slammed her claws down on the spot where he was before. Her body began to contort as it became more and more tiger like. Her semblance was similar to her grandmothers, when activated it contorted her body into a more animalistic form and making her stronger and faster while giving up some intelligence and rational. It was a trump card of a move, but neither grandmother nor granddaughter used it very often. Y/N guessed Grimm Sienna really didn't give a shit at this point.

She was on him in an instant, punching and slashing his body up faster than Y/N could react even with his enhanced senses. He spit out blood as she slammed her claws into him before stabbing into his stomach and throwing him against the sand as he coughed up blood. Thinking quickly, Y/N activated the gauntlet form of his gun before grabbing her wrist and crushing it down into a stick as Sienna howled in pain.

"Sorry Sen!" Y/N grunted as used his legs to kick her off of him while still holding onto her arm. He straddled on top of her before brutally pummeling her with his gauntleted fist. Using his electricity to serve as a battery, his gauntlet whirled to life as it sparked with black energy every time it collided with her face. "Why?! Won't?! You?! Let?! Me?! LIVE?!"

Y/N head butted her before grabbing her arm with his gauntleted hand and placing his foot on her chest. He ripped her arm off and flung her body away from him as he tossed the arm back.

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