Prologue: Love Beats Revenge

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Love isn’t real.

It’s all a dream.

It’s one of the most magnificent feelings you could ever imagine. Like jumping off a cliff, feeling the wind in your hair, that wonderful feeling of being on top of the world. That is, until gravity pulls you down and causes you to crash and fall on the rocks into pieces. That fall, is love; and what’s left behind is a shattered heart. But that fall also ends up causing you to die, just like love causes a little bit of you to die after you lose it. That wonderful dream is love. But just like that, that perfect dream can transform into a nightmare which causes you to wake up screaming and crying from the pain.

Love scares you. I know it scares the he-bee-jibbers out of me.

Love isn’t worth the pain and isn’t worth the effort.

Well, that’s just my opinion. Who honestly needs to waste their time in falling in love? When all the people that you need to love are the people that you are forced to. Like family.  You love your mum and dad, sister and brothers, grandparents, aunties and yada yada yada … you know the lot. You just have to love them cause there your family, your blood.


No disappointments, no fuss, no drama. Not having to go through being rejected because someone doesn’t love you back. Not having to go through having you heart ripped out and chucked away cause you weren’t good enough or pretty enough. Love equals pain, and who wants that?

Many scientists say that consuming too much fast food from MacDonald’s and Hungry Jacks is bad for you, that in the long run you will suffer. Well love does that to you as well! I don’t see the world trying to help people from heart break but instead they helping with obesity.

Hmmm… Macca’s sounds good, I’m hungry now…


My name is Demi-Lee Danvers; well it used to be until I changed it because of past incidents I have yet to revisit… Well anyway, this is me telling you my story. I hope I teach you all a lesson by the stupid choices I made in falling hopelessly in love with a man out of my league. After you hear my story, you won’t want to fall in love, EVER. But don’t worry, revenge is oh so sweet.

I hope you can stick around to read the rest of my book.

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Maniiz xx.

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