Chapter 18

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Every one at the party was drunk,soon enough ray took off his working cloths and belt and changed into some normal clothes then he went outside with me to get to the black fence.
When we finally reached,I put in my card and we walked inside and he looked for his house!
That city was Okey,a poor old place and desert a sandy place and of course the obvious burned house by rockets,Ray ran inside as I threw far away the rockets or bullets that had my fathers name on it. He killed them because they are the Aldredge!
Ray must be an aldarege too but he said he's adopted!

Ray ran out of his burned house and he had a paper that had an adress on it.
We grabbed a taxi and said in side.
"So where are we going?"I asked him politely.
"Well we're going to my original real blood family!! It's pretty darn far!"he said.
"Yeah you've got that right!,are you scared that your going to meet up with the people that are really your family?"I asked him.
"Yeah alittle scared,worried and afraid."he said.
I grabbed his hand and kept it warm.
After long hours we arrived to a tower,we seemed to have came in from the back side of a familiar building!
Ray nocked on the door,and as the door opens out pops rays brothers head,as I looked at him shocked to see the guy in front of me was: Taylor!

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