Chapter Two: The New Boy In Town

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"I can do this..."

Andie whispered to herself as she started towards the back of the classroom.

As she neared closer to the boy, she occupied herself with glancing down at her books that she had finally unclenched from her chest. Scanning the cover, she quickly flipped the book open, trying to seem interested in the subject and not direct any attention to her desk partner.

As she slid herself behind the desk, her nostrils filled with the scent of a men's cologne. Strong yet sweet.

It could easily become an addiction, if she would let it.

Never making eye contact, she directed her attention now towards the front of the classroom as her English teacher scribbled his name across a chalkboard.

" I hope everyone had a good summer" , he began as he turned to face the class, clasping his hands together in the process. "I see some familiar faces, all except for one. Young man in the back with the leather jacket, care to introduce yourself?" Mr. Jenkins cleared his throat and made a jester to the blonde curly hair stranger next to Andie.

Feeling brave, Andie tore her eyes away from Mr. Jenkins to finally face him.

Andie could almost feel her heart skip a beat.

She wasn't the type of girl to believe in love at first sight. She had read romance books, seen all the movies. You know the typical stories and plots of men who swept girls off their feet, whisking them away into the sunset to live happily ever after.

It was all bullshit.

Boys were animals. They would spin a lie as sweet a sugar, if it meant they could get in your pants. She had heard all the pick up lines, all the stories of how she was different than all the rest. How they would stay loyal to her, that they would never leave her. It was all she could do not to gag every time a boy threw that same lie out there over and over again.

After her incident in middle school, Andie swore she would never date another guy again until college. They were sure to be more mature there. Better than these stereotypical guys of Hawkins, who only thought about one thing, 99.9 % of the time.

However in that moment, as her emerald eyes took in the features of his curly hair that framed the sharp features of his face, the light brown freckles that spotted across his nose and his broad muscle form hidden beneath his bad body attire....

Andie was like every other girl in that classroom, practically drooling over him.

Andie snapped herself back to reality, as his deep voice tumbled out a reply to Mr. Jenkins.

"Billy. Billy Hargrove." He stated proudly with a hint of cockiness.

Andie felt whatever she was just fantasying about melt away, as Billy shot a wink in the direction of Tina in the front row.

Spinning her hair around her index finger, she let out a small giggle and blushed.

Andie rolled her eyes to herself, and went back to glancing through her book, silently cursing herself for getting caught up in his handsome features.

"Well Mr. Hargrove, you certainly have one of my highest ranked students in this class seated next to you, to assist you ever get stumped on my assignments. Ms. Andrea Sullivan." Mr. Jenkins said as he directed his attention to Andie.

Andie eyes grew wide as she felt the heat spread through her face as she tilted her eyes up to Mr. Jenkins. She gave a small smile in response before glancing over to Billy.

He was seated back at his desk, legs spread in front of him, leaned back chewing on a toothpick. He wore a small smirk as his eyes traveled Andie's body.

"Oh, she's definitely ranked pretty high in my book." Billy stated smoothly as he shot Andie a wink.

Andie suddenly felt vulnerable under the gaze of the stranger. She rolled her eyes at him and quickly turned away and shifted in her seat.

Billy let out a small chuckle but continued to shift his eyes over to her during the class session.

Andie paused to let out her breath as she exited Mr. Jenkins classroom and quickened her pace down the hallway in search of Robin. Desperate to escape the eyes that had no shame in roaming her body every time she had made a movement.

"Hold on there, Sullivan." A voice called behind her, causing her to pause.

Andie stopped and spun around the face none other than who she was trying to escape.

He backed her into the side of a locker with books clenched back to her chest, Andie watched as Billy placed one hand next to her side in efforts of closing her in.

"So since I'm new here and your apparently the teacher's pet, why don't you show me around Princess?" Billy stated as he chewed on the end of the toothpick seductively.

She was no idiot, he was obviously trying to hit on her.

She watched as Tina went prancing down the hallway, shaking her hips more as she neared the two.

Billy shifted upwards but never moved his hand from beside her, and shooting Tina another wink and grin before turning his attention back toward Andie.

"I'm no ones pet." Andie said sharply, suddenly outraged of his assumptions, and how he was just playing a game to see who he could reel in first.

"Oo, feisty. I like that. Come on doll, if you show me around I'll even let you go for a ride in my car." Billy smirked, confident that would win her over.

"No thanks. Got my own ride." Andie said as she gripped the arm near her side and raised it enough to walk under, and away.

Billy scoffed, apparently unamused by the situation. Every other girl since he arrived had thrown themselves at him. Yet, this girl hadn't show the least bit of interest in him, even with his mild attempt at flirting with her during class, and in the hallway.

She'll be a challenge, but Billy Hargrove never strayed from a challenge.

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