Chapter 6: Skye

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Skye: That was a long time ago but I remember it like if it was yesterday. We used to live in a house in Froggy Bottom. My parents, my bigger sister and me. After mayor Humdinger won the election three years ago owners decided to move in Dallas and they let us as gift to their son's cousin. We cried for days until we deal whit the new situation. I was 5 months old when this happened. Oliver, the cousin of our owner's son, was a bad boy. I mean really bad boy. He always kicked us away he rarely feed us and their parents never cared about us...

"One night Skye's family escaped from their home. Skye's father had a friend in Adventure Bay so the destination was him. They walked half night when they got lost."

Zeus: Sorry kids, It's my fault. We get lost.
Maya: Don't worry honey. Everything it's better than that boy, now let's rest now.
Skye: Dad, I'm hungry.
Zeus: Don't worry Skye. We will eat soon.

"They gone to sleep, at 9 am they woke up at shot sounds."

Zeus: Hunters! Look out. They have dogs, who don't care if the prey is alive or not. So don't get shooted.

"They slowly moved forward as the gunshots were louder and louder."

Lyla: I don't think they are hunters. The gunshots are to frequents.
Maya: She is right. This could be true.

"They stop running when a man's sound could be audible."

Man: I got him. He was close to escape. Now you funny guy let's go back to jail.
Prison: And what about the police dogs?
Policeman: They are around. I'll call them back when we find the car.

"From the woods footsteps could be hear. Then 4 German Shepherds showed up looking at the runaway family."

Chase: What? My kind?
Skye: Yes but let me continue...

"The team of police dogs made circles around them. They don't had their breakfast. They look at them like a fat man at fried chicken. Zeus grumbled at them but that was useless."

Zeus: Lyla take your sister and run! Run and don't look back.

"At that time one of them looked at the others. He felt sorry for them. The team of police dogs attacked and Zeus and Maya countered them. The girls run to a bush and hided behind that watching the short fight where their parents got killed. One eye flight in one direction, one ear in other. Skye was shocked and speechless, she begin to cry. Her sister as well. The dog who felt sorry for them turned around and looked at them. He regretted what he did made a step to them. The girls scared run away."

The dog: Oh my God...What we done.

"The two girl found themselves on the beach in Adventure bay."

Lyla: Skye, we did it. Skye?

"Skye was behind her crying harder than before."

Skye: I wanna die! I wanna die!
Lyla: Skye, it's okay. We still have eachother and I never let you alone.

"In that minute an eagle attacked them Lyla pulled Skye away so the eagle took her instead of Skye."

Skye: No!

"She sat down and watched her sister carried away by an eagle."

Everest: That's horrible! Skye, you are stronger than you look.
Skye: No I'm not. After that I run away and found myself under a seat at the town hall.
Chase: Oh I remember. We found you there.
Skye: Yes.

"After an horrible night she saw a boy whit two pups walking close to her. The one of them start smelling. He soon found her. She tried to run away but behind the seat were a wall."

Chase: Hey don't be scared. I don't wanna hurt you.
Skye: ...
Chase: What's your name?
Skye: S-Skye...
Chase: Chase, nice to meet you. Can I lay next to you? You are trembleing.

"Skye just nodded and he layed close next to her."

Chase: Skye, you are so cold.
Skye: ...
Chase: You are scared, aren't ya?
Skye: Y-yes.
Chase: Don't worry I will protect you.
Ryder: Chase what are you doing?
Chase: Ryder sir. She is Skye, I found her there.
Ryder: Hey little girl, where is your family?

"Skye begin to cry again and the boys looked worried at her."

Chase: It's okay, you don't have to tell us if you don't want to. Can you walk?

"She tried to woke up but she can't. Skye was too tiered and she was also very hungry."

Chase: Hold on, I will carry you. Are you ready?
Skye: Yes...

"Chase carried her back to the lookout where her story gone in a better direction."

Skye: So that's it.

"As she looked up Skye saw her friends whit tears in their eyes."

Rubble: Skye w-we sorry. That was, really sad.
Tuck: Yes who know that under that happy face you always have was an that tragic story.
Skye: It's okay, I feel better now.
Rocky: And what about the dog who attacked your parents?
Skye: I never meet him again but trust me, if I find him I will make him pay.
Erik: I think you don't have the chance anymore.

"Erik took out his phone and showed her a picture whit a German
Shepherd laying in his blood."

Skye: It's him, what happened to him?
Erik: I find him attacked by a bear.
Skye: Huh! He got what he deserved.
Erik: Listen the full story, I fight the bear to save him but it was to late. He told be before he died about two little pups who's parents were killed by his team. He also told me that he felt sorry for you two.
Skye: You are lying! If he felt sorry for us he...
Erik: Search for you? He did. All his life he search you two in that damn forest. He ask me to tell you a massage from he to him.
Skye: What massage?
Erik: "Little girl, I know what I did and now I don't have the chance to make it right again. But I want you to know that I never let you alone anymore. I will protect you now and forever."

"Some sounds captured Erik's attention. He stands up to see what made it. When he arrived he faced the dog he saw and almost saved."

The dog: Thank you.
Erik: Your welcome. How is the other word?
The dog: Not as good as you think, until she don't forgive me I can't never get to Heaven or the Hell.
Erik: Can she see you?
The dog: If I want to.
Erik: Do you want to talk to her?
The dog: Well yes.
Erik: Skye! Please come here.

"As Skye arrived she almost fainted. Ahe faced the dog who ruined her life."

Skye: How could you!
The dog: I'm sorry little girl. I know you will never forgive me but let me tell you I will be always whit you and I will protect you.
Skye: Yeah he told me. But I also want something you to know. Thank you. If you never attacked us I never find my true family. And because that I forgive  you. Rest in pease.
The dog: R-really?

"At his back a big white light showed up he took a look at the light and Skye."

The dog: Thank you Skye.
Skye: I think the Heaven is a better place to protect me. But before you go, what is your name?
The dog: Oscar. Bye Skye, bye Erik.
Skye&Erik: Bye.
Skye: Erik. Did we talk to a real ghost right now?

Erik just smiled. He lifted her and hugged her, than every pups showed up and joined to the hug.

So that was all guys. The story of most of the pups. See ya!

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