My Kimmy Boboy

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"Pie! Your boyfriend is waiting." Fern shouted from the front counter as her eyes caught Kim's figure outside the bistro. Kim is waiting for Pie on her motorbike. She is wearing a full - faced helmet and wore a black leather jacket. All in black. Fern is Pie's best friend. They worked at Aunty Inn's Bistro. Well, Pie didn't work as waiters or what so ever. She played piano at the bistro to entertain the customers.

"Fern, I'll go back first." Pie took out her cane and starts to walk. Fern helps Pie to open the door.

"Pie, when you gonna introduce your mysterious boyfriend to me?" Fern asked Pie for the 500 times. Pie never introduce Kim to Fern formally. She just know that her best friend's boyfriend names Kim.

"Later Fern. See you tomorrow." Pie left the bistro and heads to Kim's direction.

"Later?Pie, Pie. You said that for another 501 times." Fern shook her head and smile. "This girl is really weird and her boyfriend is mysterious too. Really a perfect two!" Fern chuckled alone while looking at Pie who already reached Kim's side.

"Kimmy! You're early today?" Pie stuck out her hand and Kim took her hand and interlaced their fingers together. Pie will do to make sure that the person is really Kim. Only Kim knew what to do when Pie sticks out her hand like that.

"Today, I got less work to do." Kim answered her girlfriend. "How your work my Gigirl?" Kim asked while helping Pie to wear the helmet. Kim addressed Pie as Gigirl. Pie's new affectionate name.

"Starting from tomorrow, I have to work at night."

"Why?" Kim seemed surprise to hear what Pie informed her just now.

"Aunty Inn said there are a lot of customers at night. The customers want me to entertain them." Pie pouted her lips to Kim.

"My sweetheart is so popular now huh?" Kim pinched her cheeks and that make Pie giggles.

"Kimmy, lets go to your place first." Pie said to Kim and with that Kim helped Pie to ride on her motorbike and heads Kim's place.


Kim's Apartment.

"I'll bring some drinks for us. What do you want Pie?" Kim live alone in her apartment. So, there's no maid to help her.

"Orange juice. Don't put too much ice cube!" Pie said to Kim.

"Alright ma'am!" Kim salute to Pie but then Pie couldn't even see Kim's action. Pie rest herself on Kim's couch. She didn't even know how Kim's apartment looks like but she can feel that her boyfriend place is a comfortable place to live in. She might not be able to see with her eyes but her other sensory are so good. The scent inside the house is so fresh. The furniture arrangement are so neat. Since the first time she come to his house she never spot any dust on the floor. Pie can feel that Kim is a neat and hygienic person.

"What are you thinking about sweetie." Kim suddenly sit beside Pie and kissed her cheek.

"Kim! You want to kill me huh?" Pie pinched Kim's waist. She was really shocked with Kim's sudden appearance.

"Ouchh Pie. It's hurt." Kim rubbed her burning waist.

"My Gigirl is so brutal." Kim pulled Pie close to her.

"Kimmy, is it okay for you if I work at night?" Pie starts their conversation.

"Huh? What's the problem if you work at night then?" Kim questioned Pie back.

"I'm afraid it would trouble you. Later, you have to fetch me from work at late night." Pie leaned her head on Kim's shoulder and sighed.

"Huh? Who said I'm gonna fetch you later? You go back by yourself Pie." Kim said with her no mercy voice. She just want to tease Pie.

Pie quickly removed herself from Kim's embrace. "Kimmy!! You're so cruel. Then who's gonna pick me." Pie's eyes become teary.

"I don't know." Kim make her way to the kitchen. Pie started to cry.

"Kim don't love me anymore." Pie sobbed bitterly and make her way to the kitchen too. She knew really well Kim's house. There's no problem for her to trace the path.

"Kim, don't you love me anymore? Your pretty girlfriend? It's okay. I won't trouble you." Pie said with hiccups in her voice.

"This shorty princess is really conscious of herself huh? Still can praise herself in this condition." Kim said in her mind while observing Pie.

"Pie, why are you talking to the fridge? I'm here at the sink." Kim hold her laughter when she saw Pie stand right in front of her fridge while crying.

"Huh?" Pie couldn't believe that. She touched the object in front of her. A metal body.

"Kimmy!!!" Pie screamed out of her lungs and stomped her feet.

"Oh, my gigirl. I'm not that cruel to let my PRETTY girlfriend went home alone at late night." Kim moved close to Pie and hugged her.

"Hushh, now stop crying. I'll send you to work and fetch you home. Okay?" Kim assured Pie and stroke her back to comfort her falling tears.

"Promise?" Pie asked.

"Promise. Now stop crying. You're such a crying baby." Kim chuckled on saying that.

"Okay. It's deal!" Pie quickly removed herself from Kim and jumped happily. Kim shook her head to see Pie's behavior. She knew that Pie is such a drama queen.

"Pie, let me send you home. It's already late." Kim said and glanced to the clock.

"Okay my Kimmy boboy!" Pie hugged Kim and kiss her cheek. That's my tricky girlfriend.



Hi everyone. I'm sure Pie has already told you our story. Let me introduce myself properly to you. My name is Kimhan Jittaleela. You can call me Kim. What do you want to know about me? My background? I'm not the only child in the family. I have a sister who is few years older than me, P'Air. My parents is indeed wealthy and their properties can support our family to seventh generation but they always wanted me to stand on my feet and be independent in life. As you can see, I live on my own in my apartment. No maids and no driver to help me around. I work at my father's company as an DESPETCH JUNIOR. Can you see how my father treated me? He wanted me to start from the bottom before I could hold a higher position in the company. He is so stingy to me ( I think ). You don't know how hard it was to persuade him to buy me a motorbike. If not, I have to use the public transport to go to work and so on which is so crazy!

And about Pie. Yeah, I think Pie didn't realize that I'm not a real man. She's just too naive or she just pretend not to know? I am also not sure about this. I don't really know how come I can fall in love with this girl. When my eyes first laid on her, I know my heart has found its missing piece. She is generally serious and fierce but she is just too wonderful. She is not only stubborn but she's also do not trust many people even if they are her close friends or colleagues. She weighs too much before making friends and that's why it took almost a year for me to win her heart. I shall remember this for the rest of my life.

My first attempt to be close to her was by pretending that I'm a taxi driver. I borrowed my sister's car just to fetch Pie from her work everyday. Since that day, I got the opportunity to talk to her and see her everyday. So, the routine happened for almost a year until one day, she caught me that I'm not a real taxi driver. That was stupid of me. You know why? I still remember vividly what she said to me. That was one night when I drove her home from work. She walked to her house but then she returned to my car. She swung her cane over the roof of my car and knocked my window's side. "Kim, I knew that you're not a taxi driver when you always put a cheap fare for me." She smiled to me and left. That night, I got the gut to confess my true feeling towards her. As you can see, I'm already taken. Sorry ladies. I am Pie's boyfriend.

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