Chapter Seven

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“Have you thought about a costume yet?” Beth asked over breakfast. “I’m thinking She Devil, you know, all in red, high heels, false talons, flashing horns. What do you think?”

“Original Beth. Not. Tacky, of course. Just you in fact.”

“Well I haven’t seen you come up with any better ideas,” she said, annoyed that I wasn’t as excited as she was.

“That’s because I’m not going,” I said adamantly.

“Oh yes you are. Don’t even think about bottling out on me. Aren’t you the tiniest bit interested to see Lovell Towers?”

“I’ve seen it, remember?”

“Not inside you haven’t. Don’t you want to explore your future home?”

“Oh very funny, ha, ha. We’ll probably be confined to the one room anyway, considering that the rest of the house isn’t up to much.”

Truth be told, I was curious to see more of the inside. But was it worth having to get dressed up for? I wasn’t sure.

“You know Justin’s already hired his werewolf outfit, and I think Marie’s going for the old faithful witch. So come on, think of something,” Beth insisted.

I sighed. “Okay, okay. Gimme a chance. I’ll conjure up something passable.”


“I promise. We’d better get ready now, or we’ll be late.”

After applying minimal make-up and tying my hair into a ponytail, I squeezed into my patchwork jeans, pulled on an oversized jumper, and added a large belt. The weather had taken a turn for the worse during the week, so after tying a long scarf around my head, I tugged on my comfy slipper boots and headed for the door.

“Come on Beth. You’re making me late.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming,” she answered in a fluster, appearing through her doorway and grabbing her car keys from the hall table.

“Hey, Soph, your hair looks like a fox’s tail,” she said, laughing.

I took a step back, to glance sideways into the hallway mirror. Oh God, she was right. My reddened hair with sun-bleached tips, bunched together, definitely had the appearance of a fox’s brush. Please say I wasn’t turning into a fox. What would be next? Fur? Pointy ears and a snout?

That afternoon, I paid a visit to the ladies. Through the walls of my cubicle, I heard a couple of girls enter the room. I recognised the voices immediately; they belonged to Lara and Megan. Easing the door ajar, I peeped through the crack.

“I can’t stand it when he looks at her like that. Why her? She’s such a little wannabe with the fashion sense of a hobo. What’s she got that I haven’t? It’s me he should be wanting, not her. I mean look at me. I’m prettier than she is, aren’t I? Don’t answer that. I know I am. Any guy in his right mind would kill to get a piece of me. Why is he so obsessed with mouse features? Have you seen the way he looks at her? What’s wrong with him?” Lara finally paused for breath.

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