Chapter Twenty-Three

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Everyone was screaming but Stiles and I. Instead of being in Stiles' arms I had pushed myself away from him and walked over to the wall, thinking.

"How are you guys so calm right now?!" Dustin yelled and continued to scream.

I looked over at him. "Because I've seen a lot worse than this and this isn't something I need to scream about." It's a waste of energy, too.

I looked back at Stiles, who nods his head, the only one in this room that understands exactly what we've gone through.

But, the others continue to scream and I don't say anything else. Even though it was going at fall speed.

"Shit! Shit!" Dustin screams out. I chew on my lower lip.

"We're going down! We're going down!" Steve screams.

"Yeah, no shit, Harrington," I snap, looking over at him quickly.

Dustin was banging on the buttons. "Why don't these buttons work?!"

Erica quickly walked over to Dustin and stands by his side. "Press the button!"

"What do you think I'm doing?!" Dustin practically screams at her.

"Come on, press something!" Steve yelled. "Just press the button!" That's when I felt my legs give up on me and I collapsed the ground, the elevator slamming to a stop, throwing not only myself, but everyone to the floor. "My groin," Steve complains. I looked over, a box had fallen on his groin. "It fell on my groin. Stiles! Get this off me!"

I watched as Stiles had helped Steve get the box that pinned down on him off of him. "Is everyone okay?" Robin asked from the ground.

Stiles had walked over to me and offered me a hand, I take it and pull myself up, placing a hand on my head as it hurts from being slammed to the ground.

Stiles pulls me into him carefully. "Are you okay?" He whispered, looking over at me with worried eyes.

I smiled at him softly. "Yeah, I hit my head a little, but I should be okay." He kissed my head.

"Yeah, I'm great, now that I know that Russians can't design elevators!" Steve yells, standing up, shoving Dustin aside and going towards the panels of buttons.

I looked over at him. "I think we've clearly established that those buttons don't work."

Steve turns to me. "They're buttons. They have to do something."

"Yeah, if we had a keycard." I gestured towards the electric lock, remembering the guards had keycards when the unlocked this room.

Steve stopped pressing buttons and looked at me. "A what?"

"It's an electronic lock," I explained. "Same as the loading dock door. If we don't have a keycard," I walked over to the electronic lock. "It won't operate, meaning-"

"We're stuck in here," Stiles finishes my sentence.

I glanced over at my boyfriend. "Yeah."

"Just so you nerds are aware," Erica begins. "I'm supposed to be spending the night at Tina's, and Tina always covers for me. But if I'm not home for Uncle Jack's party tomorrow and my Mum finds out you five were responsible, she's gonna hunt you down, one by one, and slit your throat."

"I don't care about Tina!" Steve bursts. "Or Uncle Jack's party! Your Mum's not gonna be able to find us if we're dead in a Russian elevator!"

"Hey," Dustin softly said. "What if we climbed out?" Dustin gestured towards a hatch on the ceiling. We had gotten something so Dustin can reach the hatch and unlock it, Dustin climbs on the roof with Steve, Stiles, and I follow.

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