How Do I Love Thee, Sir Guy

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How do I love thee, Sir Guy?

Let me count the ways . . .

I love thee for thy superb physicality

The way you move so sleekly, cat-like, through a room-

 I love thee for thy commanding voice,

So deep, dark and delicious,

Thy azure eyes, which dazzle with their fire,

And chill with the frostiest of gazes . . .

 I love thee for thy hands, so elegant and strong,

Enveloped in those snug black gloves,

And bared, their beauty revealed to all

As you fight; as you give solace to a dying girl . . .

 I love thee for thy presence, so tall and proud upon horseback,

As princely as any figure could be;

The toss of those raven locks, the set of those shoulders-

Surely, thou were meant to be our hero?

 I love thee for thy complexity, pragmatic and naïve,

Fearsome and child-like, brutal and tender.

For thy determination to spare those for whom you care;

Truly, thou art my hero.

 I love thee, Sir Guy, in so many, many ways.

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